MFN Trainer Column

in Vol. 4 - November Issue - Year 2003
MFN to host Shot Peening Workshop & Trade Show in England
Steven Baiker, Managing Director of Baiker AG

Steven Baiker, Managing Director of Baiker AG

This column is a regular feature and will be authored by one of our MFN trainers. Readers are invited to send comments or questions to info@mfn.li. For more information about the trainers, see www.mfn.li link workshops.

by Steven Baiker

After several months of evaluation, the MFN team decided to have the next Shot Peening Workshop in Coventry, a city just outside of Birmingham, England.
This location has been chosen for several reasons. Birmingham and the surrounding area have a lot of aviation and automotive industry. It is centrally located with good access for participants who may travel by train or car. Also, for our international audience, Coventry is close to Birmingham Airport, which has good international connections. Looking at the major cities in the centre of Europe, aeroplane tickets to Birmingham at around 100 € or US$ are not unusual. That is if booked early enough.
Since the participation at any workshop is nowadays also an economical decision we took great care that the overall cost to visit such a workshop and trade show can be justified.
From the international airport at Birmingham, Coventry is just around 20 taxi minutes away and is also well reachable by means of public transportation.

We would also like to thank our new MFN guest trainer Paul Huyton, who is based in England (see his biography on page 16), for the evaluation of a suitable date. He suggested the 12th-14th of May 2004, a date which does not interfere with any local holidays or larger trade shows.

The Shot Peening Workshop & Trade Show will be held at the Hilton Coventry. Two large event rooms can welcome up to 150 people and there will be a trade show with 18 booths. Even at this early stage 10 booths are already occupied, so companies considering a booth are advised to make reservations ahead of time.
Besides offering 3 different shot peening courses (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced), there will be hands-on training for different fields. Furthermore, MFN has received a number of donated exhibits which are a great help to demonstrate or explain the various aspects of peening.
For more information about the topics or about the MFN trainers contact MFN at info@mfn.li. or Tel.: +41.43.211 6282.
Potential participants within England can either contact Paul Huyton or Dr. Chris Rodopoulos.

Paul Huyton, MFN Guest Trainer and Managing Director of Surface Dynamics Ltd in England
Tel.: 1242.238887, E-Mail:

Dr. Chris Rodopoulos,
MFN Scientific Adviser and Academic at Material Research InstituteSheffield Hallam University
Tel.: 0114.2254257
E-Mail: c.rodopoulos@shu.ac.uk

Author: Stefen Baiker