VOL. 2 March ISSUE YEAR 2001


in Vol. 2 - March Issue - Year 2001
Electronics Inc. Receives Acceptance to Provide Accredited Training for Federal Aviation Administration's Shot Peening Auditors

Electronics Inc. (EI) has received acceptance from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States to conduct training for FAA employees who audit shot peening processes. (The FAA is responsible for the safety and certification of aircraft and pilots, the security of U.S. airports, and the nation's air traffic control system). The shot peening auditor training is a two-day on-site program of classroom instruction and shop proficiency demonstrations with an emphasis on what auditors need to know to conduct a thorough audit of shot peening processes. Attendees that pass the review and competency test at the end of the program will receive credit toward their yearly training requirement by the FAA.
EI also provides on-site shot peening and flapper peening training for operators, supervisors, quality control technicians and part-life designers. The instructors will specifically review the organization's ability to meet any particular procedure or specification with special emphasis on equipment capability. Certificates of Proficiency are awarded to those demonstrating shop practice competence and passing a written examination. These programs are ideal for companies and organizations that want to improve the quality and control of their shot peening processes.
Electronics Inc. is a pioneer in shot peening training. Since 1980, EI has hosted annual shot peening workshops to students from around the world. EI publishes two newsletters, The Shot Peener and Abrasive Blast Cleaning News, and a Buyer's Guide Annual Directory for the surface finishing industry. EI manufactures MagnaValves(r) and Almen gages and distributes Almen strips worldwide.

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