VOL. 20 March ISSUE YEAR 2019


in Vol. 20 - March Issue - Year 2019
Peening Accessories GmbH has been on Rolls-Royce vendor list for Almen strips for over a decade
Almen Strips Laser Measured

Almen Strips Laser Measured

Peening Accessories GmbH, the German manufacturer of Almen gages, holders, strips and media flow valves has been added to Rolls-Royce vendor list for its Almen strips already in 2005. They have been included to the list of suppliers for OMAT 2/122 for its A-Almen strips and OMAT 2/123 for its N-Almen strips. That has been listed in the OMAT manual. The company, which was founded in 2003 has over 24 official distributors around the globe. At that time, being accepted by a leading manufacturer of aircraft engines, was an important break-through for the success story of Peening Accessories. In the meantime, the German produced Almen strips have been included into many other vendor list. The product is well known for its accuracy and repeatability and sold around the globe. These Almen strips were the first one of its kind that have been laser measured for its flatness on both sides. The results of the measurement is printed on each single strip, including an identification number that allows a tracking back not only to the each lot, but even to the accurate day of production. The Almen strips are mainly sold to the Aviation and Automotive industries if highest quality standards are required. All strips delivered to the customer come with a certificate of compliance.

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