VOL. 20 July ISSUE YEAR 2019


in Vol. 20 - July Issue - Year 2019
Real Time Analyses Of Loose Materials In Bulk While Directly On The Belt Conveyor
HAVER Inline System for direct material analyses on the belt conveyor

HAVER Inline System for direct material analyses on the belt conveyor

Haver & Boecker has expanded its product line with a mobile measurement system for optimized online analyses.

With the HAVER Inline Systems, the company Haver & Boecker is offering a new and innovative instrument for material monitoring on belt conveyors. The inline analysis system is mobile, operates on its own, and provides information about particle shape and size.
Typical applications are used on belt conveyors after crushers, screening machines or pelletizing systems. Here, material parameters can be continuously monitored. The recorded data allow quality monitoring and the control of downstream process steps. Moreover, ruptured screen cloths can be detected early and allow corresponding measures to be implemented before high costs are incurred.
The HAVER Inline system is a compact, independent plug & play system, and thus may be used very flexibly. The integrated data processing and simple installation allow a rapid change in operating site without any interference with ongoing production or existing plant sections.
The resulting data can be used for trend analysis and be sent to various devices such as Windows PCs, Mac or iOS Smartphones for quick overviewing. The time periods are freely selectable. Also, the current status and live data can be viewed at any time and from anywhere with existing network access.
Other advantages of the HAVER Inline System are flexible and inexpensive monitoring wherever the device is used, and is therefore a previously unattained efficiency.

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