VOL. 20 July ISSUE YEAR 2019


in Vol. 20 - July Issue - Year 2019
SF EXPO 2019 Was Successfully Closed. Let’s Meet In Chongqing In 2020!

The three-day 2019 Guangzhou International Surface Finishing and Electroplating Exhibition and the 2019 Asia-Pacific Industrial, Powder Paint & Coating Exhibition were successfully closed in the Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center on May 23rd. The exhibitions attracted 343 exhibitors and 20650 visitors. The exhibition area was nearly 40% larger than in 2017.
The exhibition was co-organized by China Electroplating Association, China Surface Engineering Association Painting of Branch, Guangdong Coating Industry Association and Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. Leaders of several industry associations visited the exhibition site for guidance, such as chairman Mr. Tao Weimin, vice chairman Mr. Wang Yijian, vice chairman Mr. Xiong Lixin, vice chairman Mr. Jin hao, secretary general Mrs. Wu Weiling from China Surface Engineering Association Painting of Branch, chairman Mr. Zhao Guopeng and secretary general Mr. Fan Xiaoqin from Guangdong Electroplating Industry Association, chairman Mr. Liu Liqiang from Hong Kong Surface Finishing Society, chairman Mr. Zheng Wencong from Hong Kong Environmental Industry Association, director Mr. Wu Hong from Chongqing Surface Engineering Association, and minister Mrs. Zhong Xiumei from Guangdong Automotive Industry Association etc. They congratulated the organizers on the achievements of the exhibition and expressed their support for the organization of the exhibition as always.
More than 300 domestic and overseas enterprises came to exhibit, including Wagner, ABB, Gema, Chemetall, PAT, Parker Engineering, Uyemura, SATA, Electron, Poliplast, Helm Hellas SA, New Fortune, Potencer, Ching Feng, Mengde, Pentatomic, XIN LI GUANG, Nippon, Tonson, Wuhan Phoenix etc. The exhibits covered electroplating industry, coating industry and intelligent manufacturing, mechanical surface treatment (pretreatment), vacuum coating, industrial coating and its raw materials, environmental protection and supporting, powder coating and its raw materials and additives, pretreatment equipment and materials and other latest equipment and technology. It provided an industry feast for the professional visitors.
Many well-known enterprises and visiting groups attended to visit and purchase, like China Surface Engineering Association Painting of Branch, New fortune, BYD, Nissan, JAC, GAC R&D Center, Honda, Gac Hino Motors Co. Ltd. Sunra electric vehicle, CiTiC Dicastal, Huawei, Gree, Panasonic home appliances, FAW-VW, Sany Heavy Industry, Chongqing Changan, Changan Ford, AVIC Guiyang Wanjiang Aviation Electrical Mechanical Co., Ltd, MMI Planning & Engineering Institute IX CO., LTD. China Electrical Appliance Institute, Casio, Swell Marui, GAC UNITA, Emtek, Galuminum Group, and South Aluminum, etc.
The close combination of the conference and the exhibition was one of the highlights of the Asia-Pacific International Industrial, Powder Paint & Coatings Exhibition and International Surface Finishing and Electroplating Exhibition. There were more than 70 professional conferences and summits, mainly including the 2019 Asia-Pacific Powder Paint & Coatings Application Technology Summit; the 2019 China (Guangzhou) Automotive Surface Engineering & Anti-corrosion Technology Seminar; The Fifth International Summit on Surface Finishing Industry Development; the 2019 Chairmen and President Expansion Conference of China Surface Engineering Association Paint of Branch, Non-cyanide Electroplating New Process, Technology & Progress Forum; the 2019 South China Surface Finishing Products Promotion Technology Summit and the 13th Covna Salon Investment Promotion Session; The 30th Anniversary Celebration of Guangdong Coating Industry Association; and the 2019 Guangdong Coating Industry Development Conference etc.  The industry experts had lively and vigorous ideological exchanges during the concurrent events.
Apart from holding professional conferences, the organizing committee had independently and innovatively organized the live broadcast room of the exhibition. There were 14 enterprises that were invited to live interviews, for exchanging views and discussing hot issues of the industry. The live interview was a huge success, with 26,733 views! Besides, professional visitors were invited by the organizing committee to visit Dongguan Ai Yue Powder Coatings Co., Ltd on May 23rd.
It is one of the organizing committee’s duties to build a better communication platform for exhibitors and visitors. In the future, the organizing committee will organize more of such activities, looking forward to more exhibitors and visitors joining. Hereby, the organizing committee would wish to express appreciation for all the exhibitors’, visitors’ and partners’ trust, support and recognition. Let’s meet in Chongqing in 2020!

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