VOL. 20 November ISSUE YEAR 2019


in Vol. 20 - November Issue - Year 2019
The WA Clean Device Officially Obtained ISO Committee Approval!

WA Clean is using the analytical colorimetry. The approval was received after 3 years of development. The ISO Technical Report ISO / TR 22770 describes the analytical colorimetry as a method to support visual assessment of preparation grades, as described in ISO 8501-1. The analytical colorimetry method is based on CIELAB color components as defined in ISO 11664-3.

WA Clean is an exclusive technology developed by W Abrasives. This tool allows everyone to measure its cleanliness, thanks to the colorimetry process.
The standard ISO TR22770 dedicated to WA CLEAN is now available on ISO website: www.iso.org/standard/73860.html

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