VOL. 20 November ISSUE YEAR 2019


in Vol. 20 - November Issue - Year 2019
The report of The 20th China (Guangzhou) International Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition

It enjoys the reputation of "barometer" of the world's metal and metallurgical industry, The 20th China (Guangzhou) International Metal &Metallurgy Exhibition organized by Guangzhou Julang Exhibition Design Co., LTD. was successfully held on June 13 to 15, 2019 in the Guangzhou Import and Export Pazhou Complex.
This exhibition gathers the new technology of the metal and metallurgical industry together. Leading the industry new wind direction, the exhibition; having more than 10,000 professional visitors to the exhibition site; more than 400 global media working together; a total from mainland China, the United States, Japan, Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, India, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore plus other countries of 520 companies in 28 countries and regions to participate in the exhibition; is held in almost 30,000 square meters of exhibition, displaying the latest international technology and trends.
Guangzhou Julang Metal and Metallurgical industry exhibition exhibits by raw materials, processing technology equipment, and products. Due to its large scale, strong professional and interdependent products of exhibitors forming a complete industrial chain, it has played a huge industrial linking effect, setting up many great achievements.
New technologies and products: engine power to boost the metal and metallurgical industry show new attractions!
Famous exhibitors: the same stage competition for the metal and metallurgical industry show icing on the cake!
Spring Industry:
The spring industry exhibition area covered very comprehensive content, including all kinds of spring products, spring materials, spring equipment, spring-testing instruments, attracting well-known enterprises from the whole industry to participate in the exhibition.
Waifois of Germany---On the first day of the Exhibition, Catching the audience's eye!
With the grand opening of the exhibition in the China import and export fair complex, during the exhibition, unique brand competitiveness and sound business models have also obtained many potential operators’ approval, and visitors are communicating with them all the time.
Numalliance of France always pays great attention to our exhibition, and when decorating the booth, each screw is required to be exactly in place; consequently, their earnestness has paid off.
Dongguan Kaichuang Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd, Dongguan Max CNC Machinery Co.,Ltd, and Dongguan Vinston Automation Co.,Ltd, plus many others were featured. Many well-known domestic spring equipment enterprises were not to be outdone, and one after another proclaimed "Draw the Sword"! Look at the buyers crowding their booths!  What is well-known in China is well-known in the world!
Spring mechanical equipment was demonstrated not only by the above, but by Dongguan Jingye Spring Machine Co.,Ltd, Jin Yuan Bao Spring Equipment(Dongguan)Co.,Ltd, and Huizhou Odmay Machinery Co.,Ltd as well. Luxury decoration shown with the most advanced spring technology display!
Ningbo Mingpin Metal Products Co.,Ltd. Shenzhen Huijun Metal Co.,Ltd. Suzhou Qihang Stainless Steel Products Co.,Ltd all featured wire and instrument specialties coming out with the latest products.
This year tube and pipe processing equipment industry to become a new highlight!
The Liaocheng Steel Tube Association Exhibition group; Wenzhou Guole Stainless Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd; Foshan Two Special Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd; Zhejiang Junqi Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd; Zhejiang Yinlong Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd; are all leading the country's cutting-edge equipment products and technology, representing the development trend of the domestic pipe industry and being judged by the industry as the science and technology feast of the tube industry!
The heat treatment furnace industry was definitely this year's ‘ dark horse’, although the booth area was not very large, they carefully designed it to give you the feeling of another kind of “high class” product!
Famous exhibitors: Nenji(Shanghai)Trading Co.,Ltd; Beijing Joint Vacuum Technology Co.,Ltd; Value Mechanical & Electrical Products Co.,Ltd; and Dongguan Guangzhiyuan Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.
Die casting, Foundry: Shenzhen Huaxinda Metal Co.,Ltd; Dongguan Chineftain Metals Co.,Ltd; Sinfor Shenzhen Weihan Technology Co.,Ltd; all featured large areas with special decoration to attract attention.
Plate metal, Bar, Wire & Metal Processing: Peoples Steel Mills Ltd(Pakistan); Zhengzhou Kechuang Electronic Co.,Ltd; Jiangsu Gangzheng Steel Sheet Science and Technology Co.,Ltd; Guangzhou Zhentong Machine Co.,Ltd;.etc.
Stainless Steel: Qingdao Xinyatai Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd; Zhangjiagang Tongli Cold_Formed Metal Co.,Ltd; Zhejiang Changfeng New Materials Co.,Ltd; etc.
Fastener Exhibitor: Bara Eng Co.,Ltd (Iran); Dongguan Wergude Optical Technology Co.,Ltd; and
Non-ferrous Metals Exhibitors: Foshan Fanshun Machinery Co.,Ltd; Beijing Metals & Minerals Corp.; Jiangxi Baotai Nonferrous Metals Group Co., Ltd; all demonstrated strength of character, with each being elaborately arranged to display a large area.
Laser Equipment, Sheet Metal & Forging Industry: was relatively weak this time with Foshan Yanxin Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd; Foshan Jindehao Hardware Co.,Ltd; Guangzhou JingRui Machinery Manufacturing Co.Ltd;.etc., and more than 30 other companies exhibiting with standard booths.
1. Exhibitor satisfaction
The media support and publicity efforts of this exhibition were highly praised by exhibitors; in the mean time, site management, cleaning service and official catalogue information all won good reviews. A sample survey of exhibitors showed that the vast majority of exhibitors thought it achieved the intended purpose of the exhibition, and 88% of overseas exhibitors rated the quality of visitors as "very good" or "good", while 12% rated the quality of the audience as "average". In negotiating with customers during the exhibition, overseas exhibitors accounted for 58% of the transactions, while after the exhibition, further contact accounted for 75%; domestic exhibitors accounted for 50% of the transactions, and as after the exhibition, further contact was expected of over 70%, exhibitors were basically satisfied with the effect and result of this exhibition.
2. Visitor satisfaction
95% of visitors were full of praise for the exhibition scale, booth decoration, exhibition facilities, the image of exhibitors and the novel, excellent quality and variety of products on display, Many visitors believed that this exhibition was an indispensable platform for them to learn technology and buyers' quality products, achieving the desired effect.
A year of hard work yielded fruitful results, and all the exhibitors were smiling, verifying the purpose of the exhibition as stated in the exhibition advertisement: "Your smile is my wish". This exhibition reflected the high quality of visitors, good display effect, and all sectors of the community gave a high evaluation of the exhibition. We will continue our efforts to build a world-class brand, and the Guangzhou Julang Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition has become an important professional event combining science and trade in the industry.

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