in Vol. 4 - November Issue - Year 2003
Compact Wheel Shot Blasting Machine

The Italian manufacturer OMSG, introduces the TYPE REV 6/12 FAC blasting machine.

The revolving compartment comes with 2 hutches. Each compartment is equipped with a hook that once it has reached the blasting position, is put under rotation by means of a gear-motor. During the rotation the work-pieces hung at the hook, are hit by a jet of abrasive thrown by the wheels (new concept, high efficiency, patented by OMSG). After a predetermined time, the table carries out a rotation of a step, rendering the work-piece in the free position for the loading/unloading; these operations are then carried out in an "idle" time (whilst the other piece is processed into the blast room).

The operation of loading and unloading can be done manually by a worker or automatically by a robot. The work-pieces can be positioned singly or in a batch (cluster) on a hook. This unit does not need foundations.
The built-in dust collector minimises the space needed for the shot-blasting machine. The application fields of this machine are: de-burring and shot blasting of aluminium die-casts, de-scaling of steel pressed pieces and small steel structural works and lastly shot peening. The whole machine is reinforced with high resistance manganese-steel linings. Special rubber seals, also designed to resist the wear and tear of metallic abrasive, prevent its escape during the blasting action. Inspection doors located in suitable positions allow the inspection of the plant and the shot blasting room during the maintenance operations.
The speed of abrasive can be adjusted by means of sophisticated electronic devices, especially for the treatment of special aluminium die-cast components that may easily show area deformation. It is important to adjust the kinetic energy of the grain of steel shot to not allow the deterioration of the size features of the manufacturers. It is possible to equip the machine with a PLC for operating automatically all the parameters of the plant. The abrasive recycling system (screw conveyors and bucket elevators) allows the shot recovery, whilst the abrasive is finally screened and cleaned into the separator, enabling  the shot to arrive perfectly cleaned at the centrifugal wheels.
Photocell barriers safeguard the safety of the staff for checking and operating the machine during the loading and unloading of the work-pieces (in case the machine is used on "manual").
The Italian company is also certified as per the quality standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 (first Italian company to achieve this aim and among the first also at European level in the line of shot blasting machines).

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