VOL. 1 September ISSUE YEAR 2000


in Vol. 1 - September Issue - Year 2000
5 Years Anniversary of FROHN North America, Inc.
FROHN North America, Inc. in Austell, Georgia

FROHN North America, Inc. in Austell, Georgia

FROHN GmbH, Headquarter, Altena, Germany

FROHN GmbH, Headquarter, Altena, Germany

FROHN GmbH, one of the world's leading manufacturers of high performance conditioned cut-wire shot peening media, is pleased to announce the 5th anniversary of its manufacturing site in Austell North America. It began in mid 1995 with 620qm of production and storage area but has been quickly expanded to 2800qm. The cut-wire shot peening media produced in Austell is not only being fabricated according to German know-how, but identical equipment as installed at FROHN in Germany, has been shipped to the USA. This has first of all insured the same world wide recognized quality, but in addition has taken credit for increasing requirements for cut wire in North America. With a local manufacturing and warehouse facility, delivery and distribution are most efficient. Despite its relatively short market presence in this region, the premium quality of the product, combined with dedicated customer service has allowed FROHN to become the market leader for conditioned cut wire shot peening media in North America.
The manufacturing site at Austell has been an important step to document FROHN's global presence. Including its world headquarter in Altena Germany, there are a total of 2 production  facilities, 3 distribution warehouses as well as offices in 5 different countries. Independent distributors throughout Asia, Europe, North and South America complete the truly global sales network.

The cut wire shot peening media of FROHN can meet the requirements in size, hardness and material set forth in some of the most recognized specifications such as MIL, SAE and AMS. The use of patented, drawn steel wires as well as the continuously improved manufacturing process have resulted in an extremely high durability of the peening media. This low media consumption is not only cost effective but also results in less production of waste.

40 years of experience and research as well as a quality assurance system according ISO9002, made it possible to  satisfy customers in the automotive, aeronautical and railway industries around the globe.

For Information:  FROHN GmbH
Nettestrasse 83-87
58762 Altena, Germany
Tel.: +49.2352.92 81-0
Fax: +49.2352.26283
Internet: www.frohn.com