VOL. 21 March ISSUE YEAR 2020


in Vol. 21 - March Issue - Year 2020
Adapted Blast Cleaning
Blastman B20CX Blast Robot with 2 x 19 mm Ø Nozzles

Blastman B20CX Blast Robot with 2 x 19 mm Ø Nozzles

According to studies, a large part of all coating failures on metal parts can be attributed to poor substrate preparation. A reliable blasting process that repeatably achieves the desired cleanliness grade, together with the correct roughness and peak number, ensures the best possible surface to maximize coating adhesion and create a highly durable coating film can be achieved with fully automatic robots, specially developed for this purpose. Blastman robots can use all kinds of abrasives in all particle sizes and shapes. The axes of the robot allow the nozzle to be targeted very accurately to achieve optimal blasting distance and angle. Modern blast robots with abrasive particle speeds up to 200 m/s, not only clean metal components much faster, but also achieve a repeatable surface. Robotic systems can also use smaller size abrasives, because of the high-impact velocity. This creates a surface profile with a larger area compared to surfaces blast-cleaned with large abrasive particles. This has a positive effect on the adhesion of the applied coating.

At booth 2146 in Hall 2, Blastman Robotics will show how to solve many blast-cleaning problems with advanced and reliable robots. For this purpose, a functioning, state-of-the-art blasting robot will be set up at the PaintExpo in Karlsruhe. In addition, application examples from customers out of various industrial sectors are presented, which demonstrates that robotic blast cleaning can be applied to all kinds of workpieces. Even for components with complex geometry, robotic blast cleaning can be implemented technically and economically.

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