VOL. 21 March ISSUE YEAR 2020


in Vol. 21 - March Issue - Year 2020
LSP Technologies Joint Venture To Hold Weifang Laser Peening Workshops

June 18-20, 2020 In Weifang, China Following Laser Peening Conference

LSP Technologies, Inc. has announced the Weifang Laser Peening Workshops, June 18-20, 2020 in Weifang, China at the Weifang Dubai International Hotel, following the 8th International Conference on Laser Peening and Related Phenomena (ICLPRP2020).
At the Weifang Laser Peening Workshops, researchers, commercial manufacturers, and product developers will receive in-depth briefings on the development of industrial laser peening applications, how to assess the effectiveness, strategic value, and potential for extending component life cycles.
The Weifang Laser Peening Workshops will include
In-depth briefings on commercial laser peening applications for actual components utilized in aerospace, power generation, heavy equipment, and tool and die industries.
A keynote address by Dr. Jeff Dulaney, founding President and CEO of LSP Technologies, on the current and potential uses of laser peening for the aerospace industry.
A tour of the nearby headquarters of Shandong Maitelaisi Metal Surface Technology Co., Ltd. (MTLS) in Weifang, for laser peening demonstrations.
MTLS is a Sino-American joint venture of Jinan Baihui Machine Technology Co., Ltd. (JBMT) and LSP Technologies, Inc. (LSPT). The 100,000-square-foot Weifang facility of MTLS features the Procudo® Laser Peening System [link] developed by LSPT, the first commercially available laser peening system.
Weifang is about 525 km (325 miles) southeast of Beijing, and about 750 km (466 miles) from the ICLPRP conference in Shanghai.
In laser peening, laser shock waves penetrate deep into metal surfaces, creating residual stress patterns to counteract corrosion, cracking, and other symptoms of metal fatigue. Since 1995, LSP Technologies has used laser peening to extend the fatigue life of metal parts up to 10x the life of untreated parts.
The Weifang Laser Peening Workshops are available to all attendees of the 8th International Conference on Laser Peening and Related Phenomena (ICLPRP20), June 14-18, in Shanghai, as well as to manufacturers, product developers, and their representatives.
Manufacturers are strongly encouraged to contact the workshop sponsors to submit parts in advance for laser peening assessment and processing. Demonstration laser peening on these parts will be performed at MTLS and discussed at the workshops.

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