VOL. 21 July ISSUE YEAR 2020


in Vol. 21 - July Issue - Year 2020
New Dates of METAL CHINA 2020: Aug. 18-20

Meet expectations of enterprises, Enhance industry confidence.

In order to control the pandemic and give priority to support industries to fully resume production, ensure the safety and health of participants, as well as operate under the guidance of the government, China Foundry Association made a decision after a comprehensive assessment that the 4th China Foundry Festival, consisting of a series of events, will be postponed to 15-20 August 2020, Shanghai. 
The organizing committee will maintain close communication with all exhibitors and other related parties, continue to pay attention to the development of the epidemic, make full preparations for the event, and strive to present a higher standard and higher quality event for the world foundry industry.

During METAL CHINA+CIDC 2020, of which foundry and die-casting are main themes, there are also exhibition themes of metallurgy, industrial furnace, bearing and special equipment, robot, etc. 

The expo will focus on industry hotspots, such as the intelligent foundry equipment, green foundry materials, environmentally-friendly products, high-end castings, advanced technology, scientific research results, and successful cases of transformation and upgrading that are urgently needed for the enterprises. It will also highlight 3D printing, big data, robots, digital factories and many other high-tech products and front-end technologies that are leading the trend of the industry.

This event will integrate product and technology releases, trend discussion, lectures, talent match, and academic and cultural exchanges. Through policy research and interpretation, it closely follows and actively responds to the industry changes and challenges brought about by Covid-19, makes analysis of the impact of the epidemic on the production and operation of foundry enterprises, and makes judgments on the trends of the upstream and downstream industries of the foundry industry, providing new ideas for the transformation and upgrading of foundry enterprises in the digital economy era.

Specialty show areas show new products and technologies

The exhibition specially set up a "Yangtze River Delta Enterprise Show Area" to display the new style, new ideas and new achievements of high-quality die-casting companies in the Yangtze River Delta to the world. The Top 50 Die Casting enterprises and the Top 20 Die and Mold enterprises of China will bring their latest products and cutting-edge technologies to the show.

Gathering talents, discussing the future trend

The exhibition will also gather front-end industry talents from major universities across the country to participate in talent matchmaking and exchange sessions on requirement to high-end foundry talents, integrate corporate talent needs into the university's talent training system, and further deepen the integration of production, education and research.

A splendid art casting show

Art castings, with unique style and exquisite craftsmanship, radiate brilliance in the world art treasure house, and also occupy an indispensable place in the casting world. In order to further promote the quality of art castings and better serve the needs of society, culture and life, the expo will set up a special cultural exhibition area. The theme of the exhibits will include creative tin bronzes, incense utensils, musical instruments, ritual utensils, tea sets, art castings and other daily necessities.

Industry recognition and evaluation

A series of competition activities will be launched during the event, such as the "Best in Class Casting Award", "Best in Class Die Casting Award", "Gold Tripod Award for Foundry Materials", "Foundry Equipment Innovation Award", “Art Casting Gold Award”, which will start a new era of the foundry industry by reviewing the past, summing up experiences, and looking into the future.

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