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in Vol. 21 - September Issue - Year 2020
High Efficiency and Precision Shot Peening Process for Aero-Engine Blade Tenon
PEENTECH four axis CNC shot peening machine

PEENTECH four axis CNC shot peening machine

Aero-engine blade

Aero-engine blade

4-axis linkage mechanical arm

4-axis linkage mechanical arm

G15 aerospace grade pressure tank

G15 aerospace grade pressure tank

Diagram of blade tenon shot peening position

Diagram of blade tenon shot peening position

Blade tenon shot peening

Blade tenon shot peening

As one of the key components of the aero-engine, the turbine blade is the heavy load part of the engine. Generally, the centrifugal force of an engine blade tenon is as high as 100-150 kN (about 15 tons), and the working environment is under high temperature, so the mechanical properties of the material are greatly reduced; therefore, it is necessary to design a complex shot peening process to meet the requirements in surface treatment. Based on the developmental needs of the aerospace industry, PEENTECH designed and manufactured professional equipment for the surface shot-peening process of blade components, and it can fully meet the needs of major customers in the market.

In July 2019, PEENTECH signed a design and manufacturing order for shot peening of aero-engine blade components with AECC Guizhou Liyang Aviation Power Co.,Ltd., and completed the delivery in June 2020.

Range of equipment processing

Aero-engine blade components made of stainless steel, titanium alloy and superalloy etc.

High configuration hardware and structure ensure the output of 
complex shot peening process

1) CNC 4-axis linkage mechanical arm: in order to meet the shot peening process requirements of blade tenon, a set of 4-axis Siemens mechanical arm and Siemens 828D CNC system are specially designed and configured. It’s driven by Siemens Servo motor, and ball screw is used to implement movement, which can realize the up and down, front and back, left and right and vertical swing movement of the nozzle. The XYZ 3-axis positioning accuracy of the mechanical arm is less than 0.5mm, and the A axis of vertical swing motion can be adjusted within ± 50° range with positioning accuracy less than 0.5°.

2) G15 aerospace grade pressure tank: equipped with G15 aerospace pressure tank independently developed and designed by PEENTECH, and the double-layer pressure tank can realize continuous shot peening, and the time of shot peening air change and pressure loss is less than 0.5s, which is far lower than that of the ordinary pressure tank, which can fully ensure the continuity of shot peening and improve the quality assurance of the shot-peening process.

3) Digital closed-loop control: all process parameters of shot peening can be recorded in real time by a central computer to realize the whole process digital closed-loop control of shot-peening pressure and shot-peening flow.

4) Accurate flow control: the shot-peening flow is controlled by the US EI 578-24 electromagnetic flow valve, and the suitable range is 0 ~ 15kg / min, with adjustment range being less than ±5%. Each nozzle is equipped with a flow valve, which can fully ensure the flow stability of each nozzle.

5) Stable pressure output: the metalwork electric proportional control valve is used for pressure adjustment of the pressure tank, and the pressure adjustment range is less than ± 2%, which can fully ensure the stability of pressure output.

6) Shot peening real-time monitoring: the position of the nozzle is controlled by a Siemens Servo motor, and the real-time position of the nozzle can be displayed through the IPC.

7) Component leakage alarm: the component rotary table is designed with leakage alarm function, and the shot-peening quality of components can be guaranteed.

Introduction to shot peening process:

As shown in the figure below, there are four parts of the blade tenon: Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4, which need shot peening. After shot peening of No.1 and No.2 parts by nozzle, the planetary turntable rotates 180 ° and the nozzle performs shot peening at 3 ° and 4 ° positions.

High efficiency shot peening

The equipment upturning rotary table system is mainly composed of a working rotary table, shot peening station planetary rotary table and a sealing mechanism. The working rotary table adopts 180 ° rotary cabin door structure. Each side of the rotary cabin door has three planetary rotary tables (6 rotary tables on both sides in total), three loading and unloading stations and three shot peening stations. Loading and unloading and shot peening can be carried out simultaneously on both sides of the rotary cabin door, which can achieve maximum production ability.

Excellent environmental protection design and sealing design

1) Sealing design of rotary cabin door: the double layer inflatable sealing design is adopted for the rotary cabin door of equipment, which can effectively ensure the sealing performance of the shot peening chamber and meet the requirements of noise environmental protection standards, and can effectively prevent shot medium leakage during the shot-peening process.

2) Mechanical arm installation seal: in the installation design of the 4-axis CNC mechanical arm, the servo seal and multi-layer rubber protection are designed and installed at the top of the shot-peening chamber to block the shot medium being ejected upward and ensure the overall sealing performance of the shot-peening chamber.

3) Safe and efficient dust collector system: the equipment dust collector system is composed of a four filter element pulse-back-blowing dust collector, and a set of centrifugal fan, automatic unloader, secondary filter and other core mechanisms. The pulse-back-blowing dust collector can provide dust collector effect and maintain the gas flow in the shot-peening chamber. The centrifugal fan can timely remove the dust generated during shot peening. The second filter can strictly control the last pass of dust emission. The dust collector system of the equipment is equipped with multiple temperature alarm systems. When the temperature of the dust collector is higher than 80°C, it will stop the machine immediately and sound an alarm so as to ensure the safety of the customers and the equipment. The dust collector is also equipped with a noise elimination treatment device to achieve noise reduction and strictly comply with the environmental protection requirements of noise.

Now, Shanghai Peentech Equipment Tech.Co.,Ltd. has close cooperation with many airlines at home and abroad, including the development of the shot-peening process and the independent design and production of related equipment for aircraft envelope, engine blades, structural parts, transmission components (gears) and other aviation industry subdivision areas. We have certain technology accumulation and innovation in this area, and we are sincerely looking forward to your friendly cooperation and common progress.

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