VOL. 22 January ISSUE YEAR 2021


in Vol. 22 - January Issue - Year 2021
Hands-on Flap Peening Training in Mumbai
Rishabh K Shah (left), trainer of MFN, teaches flap peening

Rishabh K Shah (left), trainer of MFN, teaches flap peening

MFN, India, successfully conducted an on-site hands-on flap peening training program in Godrej Precision Engineering, and this was the first time that hands-on flap peening training had been performed in India. The training was directed mainly for the operators who were going to do the flap peening themselves, so the course was conducted in the Hindi language.
The course requires the operators to be assessed for their skill to create the required intensity on Almen strips. It is important for the operators to understand the basics of shot peening. The importance of parameters like intensity, coverage and specifications must be understood individually, as well as how they are inter-related.
Flap peening is mainly done for shot peening of holes or localized areas. It is very difficult and sometimes not possible to shot peen holes with small diameters with conventional shot-peening methods. Different flap sizes allow work on different hole diameters. Flap peening is also widely used for peening welds to give resistance to stress corrosion cracking.  Repairs of localized damaged areas on shot-peened surfaces were required to be carried out on some aviation components. 3M had developed the flap peening tool to make this possible without having to put the assembled part in machines.
Sometimes there is a need to protect the surface from ferrous contamination, as aerospace components in aluminium alloys can get ferrous contamination if shot-peened with ferrous media. If they are shot-peened with ferrous media then they must be decontaminated with glass or ceramic bead, or with chemical cleaning. The flaps contain Tungsten carbide shots so there are no chances of surface contamination. 
To sum it all, flap peening is a very inexpensive process with minimum down time. It is a user-friendly process and not very difficult to learn, as well as being a hassle-free process not requiring any compressed air, large volumes of peening media or blast rooms.

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