VOL. 22 March ISSUE YEAR 2021


in Vol. 22 - March Issue - Year 2021
Smart, Innovative Response To The Global Challenges Of Additive Manufacturing
Overview of Addiblasts ecosystem workflow

Overview of Addiblasts ecosystem workflow

Final post-processed 3D-printed parts

Final post-processed 3D-printed parts

Slovenia-based FerroECOBlast® Europe recently premiered the most advanced post-processing solutions for the additive manufacturing industry, combining three key post-processing solutions within the same product line: de-powdering, powder recovery & conditioning and surface treatment of 3D-printed parts. It’s a user-friendly, ergonomically designed line with an aesthetic design based on the increasing importance of system connectivity that follows Industry 4.0 trends. Users can control the machines not only through computers but also by using smartphones or tablets, creating time and material savings thereby achieving the immediate usefulness of 3D-printed pieces in practice.  
BAM (Blaster for Additive Manufacturing)
BAM is an ergonomic and user-friendly solution for the surface treatment of 3D-prints. It is suitable for various processes such as smoothing, roughing, unifying, and polishing surfaces, removing support structures, and precise removal of powder from extremely complex structures. It is made of stainless steel and is suitable for all types of shot-blasting media. 
As a world’s first, it automatically fills the pressure blasting system, a feature developed specifically for the Addiblast™ line, called AddiMiniBlast. The BAM line consists of both injection-suction and pressure-blasting systems, giving users extreme flexibility.
The BAM working cabin is electronically height-adjustable and adapts ergonomically to different users. It is suitable for standing or sitting operations, and being equipped with a touchscreen display has features that can be monitored and modified on smart phones, tablets, or computers. Its large window and thoughtfully designed interior lighting provide optimal view and visual control of the process. It is designed for a wide range of users of additive technologies from enthusiastic individuals, smaller labs, development centers and prototype centers up to serial production of 3D-parts.    
MARS (Metal Additive Removal System)  
MARS01 and MARS02 offer compact, user-friendly manual or automated solutions depending on customer requirements. They cover the areas of de-powdering from extremely complex, unique structures to massive 3D-parts. The system communicates and exchanges data with other machines from the Addiblast™ line. For the safe loading of heavier pieces, the cabins are equipped with a unique automatic top-lifting door that allows easy and safe manipulation of the heaviest printed parts. 
MARS03 is designed for a fully automated powder removal process for extremely complex metal structures. The whole system is explosion-proof and fully complies with the ATEX Directive, so the treatment of titanium and aluminium powder is not a problem, as the system can produce and maintain a controlled inert atmosphere, keeping oxygen levels below 2%.
STAR (Station for Transfer and Additive Recycling)
STAR is designed as a central station that continuously and automatically controls the pneumatic transfer, recycling, and conditioning of powder from various sources. It provides a direct connection to the 3D-printer, powder removal systems (MARS03), and can also be used to purify the virgin powder before it is used in the 3D-printer. Powder recovery and conditioning provide significant improvements for serial additive manufacturing production. 
A world-class innovation is our combination of the MARS03 de-powdering machine and the STAR02 powder recovery and conditioning system, both working in a closed-loop inert atmosphere, preventing contaminants and oxides from ruining the powder during de-powdering and conditioning while bringing powder reusability to the next level. Solutions like these are crucial in bringing additive manufacturing closer to mass production capabilities while reducing cost per part brings great added value for the most demanding industries such as aerospace and medical.

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