VOL. 22 May ISSUE YEAR 2021


in Vol. 22 - May Issue - Year 2021
Introduction of MFN China Office-Nanjing Peening Center
Cindy Zhou, Nanjing Peencenter Technology partnership

Cindy Zhou, Nanjing Peencenter Technology partnership

MFN has 18 offices around the world as well as its education and editorial network. MFN seeks cooperation in China to maximize local synergy. Currently, it has established cooperation with a Nanjing Peen-center  Technology  partnership (limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to as Nanjing Peencenter) as MFN China office to handle China MFN magazine and MFN training.
Nanjing Peencenter is located in Nanjing, China. It has set up a unique platform by collecting shot peening machines, abrasive, shot peening accessories and other resources. Cindy Zhou, as the head of Nanjing Peencenter, has a master's degree in mechanical engineering, and has six years of experience in the shot peening industry, which can provide perfect shot peening technology and resources for customers in China. 
Nanjing Peencenter has MFN Chinese lecturers and training logistics team. From May to June every year, MFN offline training is held in China. MFN Chinese lecturers provide basic knowledge explanation and practical operation on shot peening intensity, coverage, shielding and abrasive applications involving automobile, aviation, ship and other fields, and the course has been recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). If you want to obtain the "Certificate of Achievement", you must pass the elective examination. 
China is already one of the largest shot application markets in the world. In order to promote shot technology and products more widely, four issues of MFN Chinese magazine are published in March, June, September and December every year in China. The Nanjing Peencenter will undertake the logistics publicity work of paper magazines and magazine advertising manufacturers, so as to help readers in China obtain the latest development information of shot peening technology. Readers and shot peening manufacturers can contact the Nanjing Peencenter to obtain paper magazines and advertising opportunities.

For Information: 
Nanjing peencenter technology partnership (limited partnership)
Room 1513, building 1
No. 50, Longjin Road
Xiongzhou street, Liuhe District
Nanjing City, China
Tel. +86.13761576632
E-mail: cindy@mfn.li