in Vol. 5 - January Issue - Year 2004
Fully automatic production at Shenyang Mint: Mint production in change!

Again SPALECK could convince in one of its strongest disciplines: The treatment of coin blanks: A fully automatic coin blank finishing installation Z 33 for the treatment of coin blanks of any kind of material has been delivered to Shenyang, China, and started production in September 2003.

The company’s finishing technology is applied at different stages of mint production. After the stamping step, the blanks may have residual stamping oil and sharp edges. The company uses the principle of vibratory finishing to eliminate sharp edges of the blanks. During this step, all blanks are uniformly cleaned. After rimming and plating the combination of rinsing, air knife application technology and hot air drying guarantees spot-free, clean dried blanks. During the next step, annealing, oxides are a normal occurrence.
Now the blanks will be liberated from oxides after annealing and receive a high gloss polish in the centrifugal finishing process of the  Z33, the resultant blanks are polished and protected against discoloration.  After this treatment the blanks are in a so-called RSS-Condition, which means ready for striking. In the minting step, die life is considerably improved.
The control of the installation via touch panel and computer is directly connected with the central production planning, so that the executives on-site always make use of the latest information on the machine. These are for example the kind and the quantity of the produced blanks, the actual operation mode, the expected output, etc. In this way the SPALECK finishing installation is integrated in an automatic production process of the highest standard.

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