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Gear Shot Peening Automation Technology Development
Fig.1 Equipment iteration history

Fig.1 Equipment iteration history

Fig.2 Hanging-type shot peening machine

Fig.2 Hanging-type shot peening machine

Fig.3 Flip rotary powerful shot peening machine

Fig.3 Flip rotary powerful shot peening machine

Fig.4 Rear axle spiral bevel gear single machine automatic shot peening machine

Fig.4 Rear axle spiral bevel gear single machine automatic shot peening machine

The domestic automotive gear industry has been developing vigorously for decades, gradually shift from manufacturing low-end products to manufacturing mid- and high-end products. Gear manufacturing enterprises not only constantly explore  gear design but also continuously improve gear processing technology. Shot peening, as a new member of the gear processing technology, has gradually developed from a single cleaning in the early days to an integration of surface strengthening and cleaning. As a first-class manufacturer of shot peening equipment, Peentech closely follows the development needs of shot peening technology, and its shot peening equipment has been iterated from "the first-generation shot peening machine" to "the third-generation automatic shot peening machine". (note that the term "shot peening" in the context is a collective term for shot peening and shot blasting.)

First generation: for replacing labor

After heat treatment, there will be oxide scale on the gear surface; therefore, the goal of the first generation of shot peening machine is very simple. Use the shot peening machine to solve these surface quality problems before the product is finished to achieve efficient gear cleaning, but there is no requirement for shot peening strengthening.
The first generation shot peening machine case:
ZF hanging-type shot peening machine

According to the characteristics of large size and mass of wind power gear, the equipment adopts hanging device for feeding and discharging materials, is equipped with a shot peening chamber that can accommodate up to Φ1700 mm ×1700mm gear, and equipped with three 15kw high-power p380 shot blasting device, for realizing the high efficiency for gear cleaning.

Second generation: a good machine

With the in-depth study of gear failure mode, it is found that the tooth surface is prone to contact fatigue such as pitting or micro-pitting corrosion pit, and the tooth root is vulnerable to bending stress and sometimes impact, resulting in cracks and even tooth breakage.
Based on the above, shot peening is introduced into the gear machining process in order to introduce the residual compressive stress field on the gear surface and improve its fatigue strength. In shot peening strengthening, processing parameters such as the shot peening pressure, shot flow and the distance between the nozzle and the sprayed part need to be controlled with high precision. Obviously, the first-generation shot peening cleaning machine is unable to meet the demand.
At the same time, with the implementation of ISO and TS16949 standards in the field of automobile and its product chain, in order to solve the problems of production environment and equipment reliability, Peentech has gradually perfected the design and manufacturing system of "a good machine" in which the design concept is advanced, the process quality control is fine and traceable, and the process verification is meticulous and detailed, etc., making the gear cleaning and strengthening meet the needs of high-quality development.
"A good machine" case
Flip Rotary Powerful Shot Peening Machine
The equipment is mainly used for root shot peening of driving / driven bevel gear of automobile rear axle. It has the following advantages and can achieve production efficiency of 3 minutes / set:
(1) Multifunctional humanized design: the height of loading and unloading station is designed according to ergonomics, and cantilever crane is equipped.
(2) High precision: advanced parts and design are adopted to realize high-precision positioning and accurate control and feedback of shot peening pressure and flow.
(3) High safety: the equipment is equipped with a special wet dust collector to achieve the highest safety performance and separation efficiency for flammable and explosive media. At the same time, the equipment is equipped with multiple safety emergency stop buttons to ensure that personnel can use the emergency stop button within 5S to ensure personnel safety.

Third-generation: shot peening automation equipment
High speed and mass production of gears must rely on the application of automation technology. The introduction of automatic shot peening machine is mainly to solve the problem of production efficiency and consistency of manufacturing enterprises, improve OEE (comprehensive efficiency of equipment), meet the standards of TS16949, 14001 environmental management system and 18001, and vigorously promote lean production.
Shot peening automation case:
ZF rear axle spiral bevel gear single machine automatic shot peening machine

The equipment is a 12-station stepping turntable peening machine, which adopts the form of single machine automation. The robot carries out loading and unloading, and the turntable is synchronized with the beat of the robot, which can meet the production capacity demand of one driving tooth or driven tooth in an average of 20 seconds. The use of automation equipment greatly reduces the investment of production personnel, improves the production environment and reduces the total production energy consumption.
2021, as the first year of the national 14th five-year plan, on the basis of "automation", how to realize the transition from " manufacturing" to " intelligent manufacturing" from liberating operators to liberating operation and maintenance management personnel is an important "new inflection point" of Peentech. I believe that with the vigorous development of science and technology, the "inflection point" of "intelligent manufacturing" will pass soon. Please look forward to it.

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