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Marine and offshore industry

Marine and offshore industry

The whole group is a family-owned holding, which consists of two real estate companies and nine manufacturing / trading companies throughout Europe. These companies are located in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Slovakia, Sweden, and United Kingdom.

The group is active in different industries including Industrial Air Handling and Surface Treatment/ Enhancement. With respect to Surface Treatment, all subsidiaries are joined together to perform under one holding. The company was founded in February of 1982 by Naaykens in Tilburg who built their first blasting installations back in 1957. This illustrates that the holding has been operating in the industry for more than sixty years and can be seen as having unique experiences. New companies in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany were founded using the knowledge of existing sales and technical staff. Other subsidiaries were added in the nineties by means of joint ventures. Recently, new subsidiaries have been founded in Germany, Slovakia, United Kingdom and Sweden.

Straaltechniek International is an innovator in shot-peening and high-end blasting technology. With in-house designing and manufacturing capabilities, Straaltechniek International delivers the market with blasting and painting solutions, as well as advanced automated shot-peening & high-end blasting installations for the metal-processing industry. Historically there has been always a strong focus on the aerospace and marine industries, but the Covid pandemic has changed the Group focus more to generic industries.

Expanding Activities

Due to reduced international travelling since the start of the pandemic in March 2020 the Straaltechniek International Group has changed its focus more to support domestic markets.
For this reason, it opened a new sales office in Greven (Germany) late 2021 to penetrate the German industry better with local presence. Besides the newly opened sales office in Greven – Germany, many new colleagues have been welcomed in multiple offices within the Group to support the development and growth of such offices. Besides these new people, the Straaltechniek International Group is still actively searching for young talents to continue the support to local markets.

Renewable Energy

Over recent years, numerous developments in the renewable energy market have been seen, and solar energy, thermal energy, hydropower and wind energy have all become part of our daily lives. Energy consumption is continuously increasing on the global scale, demanding non-conventional supplies.

For a Dutch OEM as supplier to battery production for the automotive industry (for electrical cars), the Straaltechniek International Group has designed, built and successful delivered a grit-blasting machine to grit-blast dedicated spots on Flow-Through Heater that can provide heating to the vehicle cabin as well as the battery pack (to assure its good performance during low temperatures).
The machine is designed to work under continuous production for the production of battery packs for electrical cars and was successfully started up in 2021.

For a Swedish start-up, the Straaltechniek International Group has designed and built a dedicated grit-blasting machine to blast-clean the internal surface of tanks in which molten aluminium is stored for thermal power utilization. During the stage transition of the molten aluminium, a massive amount of energy is generated and is used to drive a Stirling motor that then acts as a power conversion unit.
The complete unit has a proven track record to deliver high amounts of energy at a constant level.

Aerospace Industry

In the aerospace industry, Straaltechniek is focusing on shot-peening technology with the goal of improving resistance against fatigue cracking, thus increasing the lifetime of components. Throughout the past years, Straaltechniek has developed a complete range of machines for many different shot-peening operations. Customers can be found in the New Part Manufacturing or MRO of aero engine parts, landing gear components, structures, and many others. Many tailor-made machines have been designed and delivered from semi-automated machines to complex CNC- or robotic-operated machines. Many global OEM’s are producing their parts using a Straaltechniek shot-peening installation. 

Marine And Offshore Industry 

In the past, it was common to perform grit blasting and paint spraying on ships or ship sections outside under non-controllable conditions. As a consequence, Straaltechniek International introduced a revolutionary design for the surface preparation of ship and heavy industry sections in the early 1990’s. This design was based on using reusable abrasive (no longer with copper slag), which created large cost reductions with respect to waste amounts, resulting in significant advantages for shipbuilders. 

Furthermore, the design was based on a one-stop shop, meaning that the complete surface preparation (cleaning of parts, blasting and painting) is performed in one-and-the-same workshop. Other advantages consist of minimising internal transport, environmental benefits and assuring controlled surface preparation 365 days per year, so not having to depend on weather conditions. 

Solutions have been delivered to different continents with very specific climatic conditions. Straaltechniek has been able to design and provide solutions to Nordic countries (with ambient temperatures ranging from -30°C to +30°C), as well as to tropical countries (with overall ambient high temperatures as well as high humidity levels). Our team of engineers is well capable of dealing with every climatological challenge.

As an additional feature, our deliveries are in full compliance with the latest ATEX-directives.

Recently combi-halls were delivered in Azerbaijan and Sweden. 

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