VOL. 5 March ISSUE YEAR 2004


in Vol. 5 - March Issue - Year 2004
MFN opens Training Centre for Shot Peening in Europe

In Altena, Germany, MFN has found a suitable facility to open a training centre for shot peening. The class room, which has space to run courses for up to 30 people, has been completely refurbished and is equipped with all the technology a modern training centre must have.

Concept of the Training Centre

At this facility only "one day" courses are offered. The target group for this education program are larger organizations, most likely in the Automotive, Aviation and Spring industries, which have several peening machines and a team of operators.
For such an audience MFN will offer custom made training for a minimum of 5 people per course and day.
That means the customer can chose from a number of given shot peening topics, for which MFN has its training material standing by.
This "one day" training shall by no means replace the International Shot Peening Workshops and Trade Shows MFN is organizing frequently. Those are 3 days events, and tailored to attract a much wider spread audience. There suppliers, invited guest speakers, MFN scientific advisers and MFN trainers are brought together to provide a mixture of knowledge that is beneficial to all those involved in peening rather than exclusively for one particular group in this field.  The next one will be in Coventry, England on the 12th-14th May 2004.
However, this training centre in Altena is designed especially to give operators and supervisors theoretical and hands-on training for their activities within a workshop surrounding. For that group of people MFN likes to offer a platform to periodically update and refresh their shot peening knowledge. So far, such a training facility has not been available for shot peening in Europe.

Hands-on Training, Displays and Accessories

For years, MFN has collected items which will make it easier to explain and teach shot peening. The organization has access to an Ervin tester, a sieve analyzer, Almen gages, strips and holders, peening media, maskings samples, nozzles, etc..
With a peening job shop in the region, MFN has also negotiated a contract to be allowed to use one peening machine upon request. This workshop can be reached within minutes since the location of the training centre was chosen accordingly.
The opportunity to work together with a local shot peening job shop is very valuable and makes the training facility much more attractive. If a group of students would like to have a more practical approach, 2 out of the 8 hours could be reserved for training at the machine for example. The participants could go through the whole process of evaluating the peening parameters such as Almen intensity, peening time, pressure, media flow rate, etc., while working on the machine.

Flexibility of Courses

In general one of the key ideas of the training centre and its "one day" courses is that there shall be total flexibility on how the training is done. For that reason MFN will not announce particular dates for a course. Only the training centre and its possibilities will be promoted. So once MFN is contacted by an interested party, they will, if the minimum of 5 participants is not reached, try to convince another company in the same field to join the same course.
The one day courses will be offered at €960 /person and include training material, lunch and dinner. 

Courses in two Languages

The daily courses are offered in German and English. The German courses will be available only from the end of July 2004. The classes will be held by one or more official MFN trainers.

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