VOL. 23 May ISSUE YEAR 2022

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in Vol. 23 - May Issue - Year 2022
ICSP14 is coming, save the date!

Time is flying and a few months remain to open the 14th International Conference on Shot Peening (ICSP14). In presence! It was not an easy decision, since even if the pandemic seems to be slowing down and, hopefully, disappear soon, other factors we know make the overall framework uncertain. And everyone is now used to attend conferences staying at his/her desk, looking at the monitor and listening to speakers, sometime talking in real time, sometime just with a pre-recorded video.
But I wonder if this is the right way for a conference. Attending a conference means meeting people face-to-face, talking during coffee breaks, walking around the booths of exhibitors, and finally creating or enlarging personal networks. A conference is not just listening to presentations but is also made of social activities that are the real added value. 
Looking at the abstracts for presentations we have received so far, I can say that the decision to have the conference in presence is the right one. We have already received many abstracts from Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa, and considering the communication we are having with authors and exhibitors, we can feel their enthusiasm for the event and for having the chance to show and discuss their recent results in shot peening, laser peening and allied processes. 
Considering the period we are living in, given the chance to submit abstracts and papers also now that the deadline is over, we will certainly take care of them by means of a "fast track" for scientific and technical evaluation.  
The sessions of ICSP14 cover all the aspects related to the peening processes, from process development and optimization to the application to practical cases. 
Special emphasis is expected about latest developments in the light of new manufacturing technologies such as the additive manufacturing processes: surface  post processing is an essential factor for the success of additive manufacturing and shot peening and allied processes can play a fundamental role. And how about the implementation of I4.0 concepts in peening processes? This is also an emerging subject that is gaining interest day-by-day and that will be discussed at ICSP14.  
Let me add just a few words about the venue. Milan is an exciting city, with many historical monuments and architecture masterpieces, and is one of the international capitals for fashion and design. I am sure you will enjoy a walk in the downtown area, a visit to the museums, or an outdoor aperitif along the canal!  We are organizing such social events to let you fully exploit and appreciate your time spent in Milan! Check out the website for the news, www.icsp14.org.
What else? Save the date and see you at ICSP14!

Special Guest Editor for May 2022
Mario Guagliano, Contributing Editor 
MFN and Full Professor at the 
Technical University of Milan
E-mail: mario.guagliano@polimi.it