VOL. 23 May ISSUE YEAR 2022


in Vol. 23 - May Issue - Year 2022
Peening Accessories GmbH celebrates its 20th Anniversary!

When Peening Accessories GmbH in Germany was founded 20 years ago in the year 2002, the concept was to have a company that could manufacture and distribute all kind of accessories that are used in the world of shot peening. The goal was also to gradually build up a sales network on a global base. It is certainly not easy to start a business in this field and after 2 decades of being successfully on the market, it is worthwhile having a small retrospection.

In the early days of Peening Accessories GmbH, there was a clear focus on manufacturing high quality Almen strips that could fulfil even stringent Aviation specifications. All the different strip thicknesses such as A, N and C were produced.

Right from the beginning of founding the company, Peening Accessories has also introduced new types of Almen gauges to the market, which have been improved ever since. The manufacturer has tried to acknowledge the feedback received from many users around the world. Two different types are therefore being designed. An "All in One" HP Almen gage, which is the high precision version. The second type is the Industrial Almen gage, a lower budget gage which is not equipped with the spring-loaded support block that insures a uniform-applied pressure for the Almen strip. It also has no protective casing. However, all gages were digital from the very beginning. Designing the new Almen gages, a number of innovative details have been integrated in the gages.  

2009: Traceability of Almen Strips

In the year 2009, the German-based company was first to insure a 100% traceability for its strips. Up to then, the strips were delivered with a certificate and identifiable packing, and there was no clear traceability possible once the strip was used. Knowing that many shot-peening workshops use different types and/or qualities of strips, considerable potential for mistakes and confusion exists. Since the intensity is probably one of the most important peening parameters, this can be a critical issue. Peening Accessories, which delivers a lot of strips to the aviation industries, decided to invest in equipment which would insure a 100% traceability of a strip at any given moment. This is reached by printing a data code onto the strip. With this code, in conjunction with the certificate, no doubt can be left about the quality, type and origin of the strip. Furthermore, the flatness of the strips is measured, and the result is printed onto the metal surface.

2017: New Generation of Flow Rate Valve and Control for Shot Peening and Blasting Media

The media flow rate of a shot-peening machine is one of the most important key parameters in the entire shot-peening process. It must be within given tolerances to allow reaching the requested Almen intensity. Such a flow rate control unit must be always reliable and should be easy to integrate into either a new or existing machine design. After two years of intensive testing, the German company Peening Accessories was glad to present its PA UltimateValve that works in conjunction with the PA FlowMaster. It can be used in pressure- or gravity-fed machines, and different types for various flow rates are available.

PA UltimateValve: 
The unit is a precision control valve that regulates media in pressure- or gravity-fed peening and blasting machines. The valve has a built-in flow sensor that can provide closed loop feedback to the shot-flow processor, which is a high-end processing device regulating the media flow rate with auto-tune technology.

When connected to the PA FlowMaster, the configuration of the PA UltimateValve can be retrieved and manipulated by the users for their desired applications. The equipment can be operated in two modes – manual or auto. Manual mode allows users to control the valve with constant flow rate, while auto mode enables auto-tune technology to regulate the flow rate.

The PA UltimateValve complies with SAE AMS 2430, AMS 2432 and other technical requirements. It only needs a 24V DC power supply to operate. The valve has no moving parts, which ensures low-maintenance operation.

PA FlowMaster:
The PA FlowMaster is a managing hub for all PA UltimateValve series, which includes digital I/O and analogue signals for communicating with industrial controllers. The PA FlowMaster has a built-in touchscreen that manages all valve operations. The controller has several important functions. It can be connected to up to four (4) valves, supports up to six different display languages, has an auto/manual mode, an advanced alarm system, and is very user-friendly. It provides great cost-savings since one control handles up to four valves!

2020: The World's First microwave-assisted Flow Rate Valve for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Media!

The one-stop solution for monitoring and controlling both ferrous and non-ferrous media flow for shot-peening machinery was introduced to the market in 2020. The proposed media dosage unit meets the requirements of SAE AMS 2430 & AMS 2432 through testing.

Product Details of Microwave Technology:
The flow rate valve creates a homogenous measurement field of the media flow and thereby detects and controls the media flow rate. This technology is based upon the Doppler Effect; wherein on encountering an object, the microwaves will either be reflected, absorbed, or pass through the object, the amount of which will depend on the composition of the object encountered.

µW-microwaveValve Models and Features:
Presently there are two types of microwaveValve models on the market. The µWValve-15 with a range 0-15 kg/min for ferrous media, and the µWValve-07 with a range of 0-7 kg/min for non-ferrous applications. The easy plug & play concept is designed to be implemented in new machines or as a retrofit for existing machines.

2002-2022: Distributing various auxiliary Shot Peening Products

Besides manufacturing its own products, Peening Accessories GmbH also distributes a wide range of auxiliaries such as Flap Peening products from 3M, Flap Peening Kids from different brands, Sieve and Sieve Shaker from Haver & Boecker, Fluorescent Tools, Digital Tachometer Blast Media Additives from PantaTec and much more. 


With its 19 global distributors and full range of peening-related products, Peening Accessories GmbH is a one-stop solution for companies that are interested in auxiliary shot-peening products.

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