VOL. 23 May ISSUE YEAR 2022


in Vol. 23 - May Issue - Year 2022
Advancing Blasting Processes through Cutting Edge Technologies


Roberts Sinto Corporation, a Sinto America Group Company, is known throughout the manufacturing industry for being the leader in development of new technologies in not only the metal casting industry but in peening and blast-cleaning industries as well. With the purchase of Frohn in 2019, Sinto is positioned to further develop shot-peening and blast-cleaning processes with Frohn’s cut-wire expertise. 
This article provides an overview of what Sinto has been working on to move the blasting industry forward. 

WE-3 Air-Wash

The Sinto WE-3 Air-Wash separator can clean as effectively as a magnetic separator without mechanical magnetic separation and with no moving parts. Cleaning efficiencies of 99.3% to 99.7% are achievable and simple to maintain. The abrasive operating mix is cleaned entirely with air. Vertical air-flow of up to 2800 FPM vs. traditional horizontal flows of 200 – 350 FPM and a cleaning envelope of over 12” depending on size capacity vs. 3-4” are only two of the differences. This is also accomplished with no additional dust collector CFM requirement vs. traditional air-wash separators.

Y-30 Blast Wheel

Due to the unique impeller, control cage and blade design, the Sinto Y-30 Blast Wheel provides less shot cavitation inside the impeller of the blast wheel. The raised ribs that separate the impeller openings force abrasive out of the control cage onto the blades aiding the centrifugal force other wheels rely upon. This not only provides higher shot flow at higher RPM but also reduces abrasive consumption. Usually, as much as 20% of abrasive consumption occurs inside the wheel before the abrasive even touches the part, but the Y-30 will provide faster cleaning and reduced abrasive consumption. The higher shot flow will clean parts faster, and that is the “name of the game.”

Sinto DB-3 Drum Blast Machine

The Sinto DB-3 drum blast machine is a 3 ft3 machine designed for small parts that are problematic when blasted in tumble-blast machines. Parts getting impinged between the belt and mill are no problem for the DB-3. The D-10 blast wheel “cleans like a witch” says one customer who has had parts run in this new unit.

Frohn Rapid Blast

Frohn Rapid Blast is a blend of high-quality cut-wire shot and Sinto LC cast shot. This brings the price point down so that the non-traditional blast-cleaning customer can realize the benefits of cut-wire without the cost. Traditionally used in high value operations such as peening aerospace and medical implant types of parts, cut-wire provides 65% higher transmitted energy as the same size particle of cast shot and ~50% lower consumption. These qualities lower cycle times and abrasive consumption resulting in lower blast-cleaning costs. 

Frohn Duramax Oxgrit 

Frohn Oxgrit is a stainless-steel oxide that has been atomized, crushed and screened to specific size distributions depending on application. The break-down rate is extremely low (8-10 cycles/passes) due to the unique microstructure resulting from the product being atomized. The density of Oxgrit is higher than traditional slag or garnet products generating higher transmitted energy resulting in faster cleaning rates. Oxgrit is perfect for surface preparation and industrial applications using air blast and vapor blast equipment. 


These are just a few examples of what Sinto has been working on to advance the surface treatment industry in North America.

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