VOL. 5 March ISSUE YEAR 2004


in Vol. 5 - March Issue - Year 2004
Vibratory Finishing -The Gleitschliffzentrum Oranienburg took a chance

Oranienburg / Berlin – Against the general trend the Gleitschliffzentrum took a chance and expanded the production capacities. Due to the development of new technologies and continuous improvement of the running processes business has taken a positive course for over ten years now.

As a surface finishing service center the Gleitschliffzentrum has been certified after DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1998.
From simple deburring processes for stamp- or casting parts over centrifugal turbo grinding processes for mass-produced parts to the polishing of decorative parts the company offers a broad spectrum of technologies.
Due to the main competence, vibratory finishing and shot blasting, the Gleitschliffzentrum has a wide appeal to nearly all branches of the metal working industry: The automotive industry, manufacturers of surgical instruments, glasses and electronic parts, the aviation industry: Branches with increasing outsource activities.
The German company used that trend to establish itself in the market as a quality-conscious, powerful and flexible service partner.
Thanks to a computer-aided process control program for quality, logistics and production coordination, the company can fulfil all the safety demands of the industry.
One of the most important steps of the past was the development of a new process for grinding and polishing alloy wheels for the worldwide wheel industry.
For a number of years the quality standard, especially in Europe, was a silver-varnish coated wheel. The assignment of the wheel industry was: The development of a serial process for the mass production of polished alloy wheels. They did not want to hide the aluminium material longer under a silver-varnish coated surface.
Hard work began in 1999, and was finished in 2002 with the first very interesting results. The process has been optimized and in 2003 was finally ready to go into production.
Today, under the roof of the Gleitschliffzentrum, the new founded company R² Felgenveredelung
(wheel finishing) is able to polish  several hundred wheels per week and a new production line for more than 50.000 wheels per year is planned.
An increase in  cooperation with a company specialized in acrylic powder clear coating was very important  and has already been achieved.
The first serial orders are running and the industry is enthusiastic about a new quality.

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