VOL. 23 September ISSUE YEAR 2022

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in Vol. 23 - September Issue - Year 2022
Are Technical Articles A Good Marketing Tool ...?

Every company has just a limited budget for marketing every year. Naturally, one will choose very carefully how to spend the given means. One of the most effective marketing tools that additionally carries much reputation is still the technical article or even an interview published in a magazine. But why is that?

First of all, a published text at MFN ensures that there is a certain level of quality and content reached, a fact that is well-received by third parties, as the benchmark for being able to place a text in a magazine is much higher compared to just buying advertisement space or an entry in a buyer's guide. Furthermore, there are very few marketing efforts that can be used so flexibly as a technical write-up, an interview, or any other kind of press release.
At MFN INTERNATIONAL and MFN CHINA, we make sure that good content is shared on as many platforms as possible. Of course, there are the printed magazines that carry the highest profile and this is simply due to the fact that not everybody has the means to publish a printed magazine. However, the articles are also available online at www.mfn.li and www.mfn.li/cn. Furthermore, selected articles are published on MFN's Facebook (www.facebook.com/mfn.li/) and LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/company/metal-finishing-news/). Starting from this year, primarily addressing China’s readership, both magazines, MFN CHINA and MFN INTERNATIONAL are also available for readers on WeChat, which is China's biggest chat platform. MFN's content is shared within China's Industry and related Universities. Our readers can find the QR code on the right side. 
Looking at it from the author's point of view, the write-up can be effectively used in many different styles. One can just copy the related article links when corresponding with customers. Other options are to integrate the article in their own home page under press releases. Furthermore, if a company is attending an exhibition, planning a mailing or an "open-door" event, they could hand out or integrate separate prints of their press release. MFN will provide a free high-resolution PDF, including the permission to use it wherever a company likes. 
So, looking at all the marketing means, the time spent to write an article and publish it in either MFN INTERNATIONAL and/or MFN CHINA is well-invested. 
MFN will gladly discuss the possibilities to place a technical article or even an interview in MFN with new and present authors. Just contact us accordingly!

Andrzej Wojtas (Ph.D.), Chief Editor 
of MFN, E-mail: andrzej@mfn.li