VOL. 5 May ISSUE YEAR 2004


in Vol. 5 - May Issue - Year 2004
New Official MFN Trainer!

MFN started to put together a capable MFN trainer team from around the globe at the end of 2002. By now, the magazine has trainers from 8 different countries covering almost every field in shot peening. However, for the topic "masking" MFN did not really have a specialist. It is a topic which is often underestimated. But a good masking solution can save a lot of time and money. Therefore we were very glad that Alan Nudelman of Composition Material accepted our invitation to join the team. Whether one has to use tapes, boots, plugs, permanent masks or UV curable masks, Alan will be able to give a good answer. MFN would like to welcome Alan Nudelman to the team!

Alan Nudelman’s Biography
Alan Nudelman is President of Composition Materials, manufacturer of Plasti-Grit. He graduated from the University of Illinois in Champaign, Illinois in Industrial and Mechanical Engineering. His studies concentrated on Operations Research and Manufacturing processes.  He was with IBM for 28 years managing Sales and Marketing organizations including an International Market Research organization.  While employed at IBM Alan was in the MBA program at the University of Connecticut.
After leaving IBM, Alan became President of Composition Materials, an 80-year-old company in the abrasives, fillers and extenders business. Under Alan’s management Composition Materials developed an international distribution organization, became the worlds largest Walnut Shell distributor, and introduced SpeedMask, a novel UV activated polymer for masking parts to be peened, grit blasted, plated, and finished. He was an instructor at our workshop in Singapore, presenting a survey of existing and new masking techniques.