VOL. 24 January ISSUE YEAR 2023

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in Vol. 24 - January Issue - Year 2023
Be A Part Of INCASE 2023

The International Conference on Advanced Surface Enhancement, INCASE in short, is a biennial conference serving as a platform to engage both the research community and the industry in establishing common problem statements and discussing progress in surface engineering technologies. In view of the overwhelming response to the 1st and 2nd INCASE, we are pleased to announce that the 3rd INCASE will be held at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium in Singapore on 26-28 September 2023. On behalf of the conference organizing committee, I cordially invite you to attend the conference.

The theme of INCASE 2023 is "Surface Engineering for Sustainability". The development and application of green technology has become the key to reduce industry’s carbon footprint and combat global climate change. To achieve socio-economic prosperity while ensuring a healthy and sustainable living environment, sustainable surface engineering has been growing significantly, driven by worldwide technological demand. This conference will identify the main R&D focus and future direction of surface engineering, bridging like-minded experts from academic and industrial fields for promoting scientific ideas and sharing innovative solutions for industrial needs.

As the financial hub of Southeast Asia, Singapore is a diverse complex that offers a wide range of activities for you to explore during your stay in this country. We look forward to having you in INCASE 2023. Please visit https://incase2023.org/ for more up-to-date information.

Special Guest Editor for January 2023
Wei Yuefan PhD
INCASE 2013 Organising Chair
Advanced Development Scientist
Data-driven Surface Enhancement Group
Advanced Remanufacturing and 
Technology Centre
E-mail: wei_yuefan@artc.a-star.edu.sg