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in Vol. 24 - January Issue - Year 2023
MFN Shot Peening And Blast Cleaning Training And Tradeshow In Mumbai
One of the booths at the tradeshow

One of the booths at the tradeshow

Around 25 workshop participants

Around 25 workshop participants

 MFN Trainer Rishabh K. Shah
 teaching in the class room

MFN Trainer Rishabh K. Shah teaching in the class room

A 4-day training and trade show was organized in Mumbai, India from 8th November to 11th November 2022. After a break of two years due to the pandemic, MFN India resumed its annual training workshop program. 
Over 3 days, the MFN shot peening workshop Level 1-2-3 was from 8th to 10th November, and the 4th day was the MFN Blast cleaning workshop on the 11th November, 2022. A special highlight was the tradeshow which was running parallel to the training workshop in the adjoining hall. 
The participants were mainly operators, supervisors, managers and design engineers from the automotive sector, aviation, springs manufacturing and independent job-shops. Young engineers from research and development teams formed an interesting pack of participants. 
The participants found the training content to be exhaustive covering every aspect of shot peening activity irrespective of the type of industry; be it understanding shot peening parameters, addressing audits, saturation curve solving or study of crack behavior, MFN covers it all like no other. 
Interestingly, MFN also provides very informative training on blast cleaning, utilizing operational and maintenance practices that help us understand and control blast cleaning quality and productivity. As we know, a shot blasting machine is a self-destructing machine, hence proper knowledge of preventive maintenance and optimum efficiency helps in ensuring huge savings, in an otherwise largely ignored area in manufacturing.
Sometimes we don’t, but it is always good to know what we are doing! And regular training programs like these keep us abreast and motivated in our work. MFN provides on-site training programs across the globe through the extensive network of shot peening experts!
Recently shot peening technology has been garnering a lot of interest in the Indian market due to new business opportunities in almost every sector. It is time for shot peening to be getting its well-deserved place here! 

Author: Rishabh K Shah
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