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The Indian Job Shop for Blasting Cleaning and Shot Peening
Rishabh Shah, Founder and Owner of Daksha Engineering Company (left) with staff

Rishabh Shah, Founder and Owner of Daksha Engineering Company (left) with staff

Stone artwork restoration

Stone artwork restoration

150-year-old 40 feet old Khada parsi statue

150-year-old 40 feet old Khada parsi statue

Antique item with intricate design

Antique item with intricate design

Shot blasting of valve

Shot blasting of valve

Shot blasting

Shot blasting

For almost 2 decades, Daksha Engineering Company is supporting not only the small and micro manufacturing facilities in India, but also large enterprises for their blasting cleaning and shot peening needs. Ever since the inception of the organization, quality, consistency, and delivery have been its prime focuses.

The company decided to get itself ISO certified in the very early stages of its establishment, which is more self motivated than a customer demand. Maintaining the requirements of ISO in a small set up is both challenging and rewarding as it provides all the tools to control and monitor daily activities.

The job shop entered the shot peening application at a time when there was very little awareness of shot peening and its advantages. The early components were crankshaft gears for railways, compressor parts, and disc springs. Today, the company provides shot peening services to a wide range of industries such as automobile, aviation, petrochemicals, oil and gas, heavy engineering, etc.

“Our set-up with multi-equipment and multi-applications enable us to efficiently serve any and every need of the industry”, says Rishabh Shah, Founder and Owner of Daksha Engineering Company, “at times, the ability to be flexible is the beauty of small businesses”.

Apart from shot peening, the company has expertise in different types of blasting cleaning applications. The company has redefined the concept of metal laundry in today’s era of modern-day technology. Besides, the company has been using virtually every media such as shots, grits, aluminium oxide, glass bead, plastic media, as well as corn cob coconut shell, and treated virtually every surface like ferrous, non ferrous, wood, stones, resins, etc. for a variety of applications.

Mostly blasting cleaning is for surface preparation, but there are also requirements to remove surface irregularities for improving surface finishing and aesthetics. The company has also carried out restoration projects in the Mumbai and proudly associated with 150-year-old 40 feet Khada Parsi statue.

The selection of blasting media and type of equipment for restoration projects is done to ensure the original surface is not damaged. Some of the restoration projects include antique statues in metal or stone with intricate carvings and designs. There are vintage cars and bikes that need paint stripping which is done at Daksha, with micro and plastic media.

Surface preparation prior to painting, powder coating, or electro polishing is required as it improves the life of coating. Use of various types of media gives the customers a choice based on price and quality instead of being on chance. The company has always operated like a partner with the customer and provide its facility for R&D.

Currently, the franchised facility works from three locations in Mumbai, Vasai, and Vapi. They also provide on-site services pan India for shot peening and blasting cleaning projects. Years of experience and knowledge have enabled the company to form lean design to cater ‘Indian’ manufacturing needs, whether it is for small scale or large. It is looking forward to more such job-shops in collaboration with interested people who share the passion for this technology.

“It gives us immense joy to add value to even a small customer who leaves our company with a smile on his face” says Rishabh Shah, “that has always been our source of motivation and energy!”

In the dynamic landscape of Indian manufacturing and industrial sectors, the demand for high-quality and durable components is ever-increasing. To meet these expectations, Indian job shops specializing in blasting cleaning and shot peening have emerged as crucial players. Recognizing that each component and industry has unique requirements, offering customized shot peening solutions tailored to the customers’ specific needs is necessary.

“Through our commitment and continues effort to learn, we strive to grow together with our industry partners”, Rishabh Shah signs off.

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