VOL. 25 May ISSUE YEAR 2024

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in Vol. 25 - May Issue - Year 2024
Have Peace in Your Mind!

Modern living can be overwhelming with all of its complexity. But it is made possible to find inner peace – a state of mental and emotional calm – despite of the stresses from the modern world. The path to inner peace varies with each individual. But you can do some simple things right for encouragement.

When you accept that life will sometimes present you with challenges and that you frequently can’t control their outcome, you will be empowered with greater peace of mind. Change what you can, accept what you cannot control, and learn to know the difference.

Do you have control over world politics? Probably not. Can you make a difference in your community? Very likely. Do you expect the ways to find inner happiness? Stop stressing about things that are not under your sphere of influence.

Practice acceptance and put your energy to better use by making meaningful contributions whenever and wherever possible. We live in an increasingly busy and distracted world. But don’t let the hustle and bustle of everyday life keep you from getting to know yourself better. Take time for self-reflection and be comfortable spending time alone. Spend time reflecting on the events of your day, thinking about what you want out of life, and exploring the parts of yourself yet to be discovered. Make a note of what you enjoy and what makes you happy. Read books that will help you develop a better understanding of yourself and your values.

We are often our own worst critics, aren’t we? We beat ourselves up for minor mistakes, take on too many responsibilities, and are never quite satisfied with our own efforts. It’s better to be kinder to yourself and show yourself the same compassion and understanding as you would show a friend.

Your physical health is the foundation for everything else in your life. When you’re physically healthy, you have the energy and stamina to pursue what you love. You’re also better able to handle stress, both physically and emotionally. Taking care of your physical health is of great importance. Ensure you’re taking a healthy diet, exercising, and sleeping well. Your physical health is a reflection of your overall well-being. When you care for your body, you also care for your mind and spirit. Nourish all three with self-care, and you’ll find it easier to find peace of mind and happiness.

Andrzej Wojtas (Ph.D.), Chief Editor 

of MFN, E-mail: andrzej@mfn.li