VOL. 25 May ISSUE YEAR 2024

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in Vol. 25 - May Issue - Year 2024
New Horizons in Surface Technology: An Exploration into Innovation
Inspecting a Shotblasting Machine Using Augmented Reality

Inspecting a Shotblasting Machine Using Augmented Reality

High Durability Cut Wire (As cut)

High Durability Cut Wire (As cut)

Winoa-2Effe first dedicated Shot Peening Center

Winoa-2Effe first dedicated Shot Peening Center

Surface inspection using WA Clean patented tool

Surface inspection using WA Clean patented tool

State-of-the-art metallurgical and X-ray diffraction laboratory

State-of-the-art metallurgical and X-ray diffraction laboratory

Customer support tech center trials

Customer support tech center trials

Roof top solar panel – Winoa Slovenia

Roof top solar panel – Winoa Slovenia

New low emission electric tempering furnace

New low emission electric tempering furnace

In the Spotlight

Winoa: Established in 1961 in France, originally known as Wheelabrator Allevard, Winoa has evolved into the world leader in steel abrasives and metal surface treatment solutions. With a rich history of innovation and expansion, Winoa serves a diverse range of industries, continuously advancing the field of surface preparation through sustainable practices and cutting-edge technologies.

The landscape of surface technology is rapidly transforming, driven by advancements in digital technologies, sustainable practices, and global expansion of services. Winoa’s commitment is not just to innovate but to educate and provide insight into how these technologies can be practically applied, ensuring our strategies resonate with the technical sophistication of our audience. As a leader of the steel abrasives manufacturing, Winoa aims at opening new horizons in surface technology to leverage the customer value all along.

Digital Transformation and Innovation

Developing innovation and digitalizing surface technology are part of our vision. As one of our key focus areas, we are pushing the boundaries to develop solutions and technologies that not only meet but exceed the demands of the industry and of our customers. Numerous projects are currently underway, reflecting our commitment to technological advancement and operational excellence. Below, we present some of the initiatives that have recently been launched, showcasing our dedication to leading the industry forward through innovation and sustainability to shape the future of surface preparation and treatment.

Augmented Reality (AR) is revolutionizing training and machine inspection processes within our W Care service teams. By incorporating AR for machine inspection and customer assistance, we can offer more interactive and precise services. This technology allows for real-time visualization and help for problem-solving, improving customer comprehension of situation, reducing downtime, and improving maintenance accuracy.

Since 2022, the development of our e-commerce platform has enhanced user interaction, simplified product finding and improved our customers buying experience. The digital integration of the e-commerce with our production systems will ensure operational efficiencies and improve the customer interaction experience, making it intuitive and streamlined.

Furthering our commitment to innovation, we are developing unique solutions such as the W App and a portable version of WA Clean technologies for inspectors and engineers. These tools are designed to boost efficiency and adaptability in surface preparation, supporting our customers' operational needs with advanced and user-friendly technologies.

Global Expansion and Service Offerings

As we continue to extend our reach and enhance our capabilities worldwide, our strategic focus on global expansion and service diversification remains pivotal.

The establishment of our first dedicated peening center in Pune, India, in collaboration with 2-Effe, marks a significant milestone in our growth. This partnership combines our expertise with 2-Effe’s renowned capabilities in shot-peening and X-ray diffraction technologies, offering unmatched service quality in the industry. The new facility, spanning 15,000 sq. ft., is not just a service center but a hub of innovation featuring state-of-the-art wheel-blasting peening machines, a robotic air-blasting room, and two vibratory finishing machines, to name a few. This center is poised to become a reference of excellence in shot-peening, and is equipped with an advanced laboratory featuring sophisticated tools such as an Electro-erosion system, an X-ray diffractometer, hardness testers and microscope with images analysis software setting new standards in precision and quality.

In addition to our venture in India, we are enhancing our long-established technical centers across the globe, including locations in the USA, Brazil, Czech Republic, France, and Japan. These centers are being upgraded with the latest equipment and technologies to support a wide range of surface treatment processes and analysis. By standardizing our operations and adopting best practices across all locations, we ensure that our customers receive consistent and high-quality services, regardless of their geographic location.

To further our service offerings, we have expanded our product line to include a more diverse range of abrasives and peening shots and technologies. Recognizing the varied needs of industries, we have introduced new materials in the last 2 years, such as High Durability (HD), stainless steel, and aluminum cut wire, alongside our expanded specialty media range, including Ultra Soft Shot, designed for non-destructive and gentle blasting applications, or the Ultra Fine Shot (UFS), for precision peening, representing our commitment to providing solutions that meet the specific requirements of delicate surface treatment.

Moreover, the launch of our W Tech brand symbolizes a significant enhancement in our tools and parts offerings. W Tech represents a new era in our capability, providing high-quality and durable tools and parts essential for optimal surface preparation and treatment. Our partnerships with the industry leaders, such as ElcoMeter, enable us to offer comprehensive local support and access to a complete range of surface prep tools, ensuring our customers’ access to everything they need to achieve their operational objectives.

This expansion of our offering, global footprint and service capabilities underscores our commitment to being at the forefront of the surface technology industry. By continuously investing in our facilities and broadening our offerings, we aim to empower our customers with superior technologies and support.

Commitment to Sustainability and Environmental Leadership

Our dedication to environmental stewardship is a core component of our operational philosophy. Recognizing the critical impact of our activities on the environment, we have instituted a comprehensive sustainability agenda (our Green Pledge) aimed at reducing our ecological footprint while enhancing operational efficiency across all levels of our organization.

Innovative Energy Solutions & CO2 Reduction Initiatives

A major initiative in our sustainability strategy is the adoption of renewable energy sources across all our production facilities.

We are currently implementing a phased solar initiative, with the first phase nearing completion in Slovenia and Thailand. These installations are designed to generate a power of between 100 to 200 kWh using photovoltaic panels, which will significantly reduce our reliance on non-renewable energy sources. This shift not only supports our sustainability goals but also aligns with the global energy trends towards greener manufacturing processes.

In our continuous effort to decrease carbon emissions, we are also investing in our production equipment. As an example, we have upgraded our Le Cheylas plant by replacing a traditional gas-powered tempering furnace with a top-of-the-line electric thermal treatment oven. This transition not only reduces direct CO2 emissions but also improves the efficiency of our heat treatment processes. The electric ovens provide more precise temperature control, reducing energy waste and improving the quality of our heat treatment, thereby extending the lifespan of our abrasives.

Beyond energy transformation, our CO2 reduction initiatives span multiple facets of our operations. We are actively optimizing our logistical operations to decrease fuel consumption and emissions related to transportation. Additionally, our manufacturing processes are continually assessed for opportunities to improve material efficiency and reduce waste. These efforts are part of a broader objective to meet our ambitious Green Pledge emission reduction targets, which are set to exceed the international standards and agreements on climate action.

Recognition of our Environmental Efforts

Our proactive approach to sustainability has garnered recognition from esteemed bodies. We have been awarded a silver medal from EcoVadis, one of the world’s most trusted providers of business sustainability ratings. This is a testament to our ongoing commitment to environmental excellence and social responsibility.

Future Environmental Projects

Looking ahead, we are exploring advanced recycling technologies that can further minimize waste from our production processes. We are also investigating the potential for using alternative materials that are less resource-intensive and produce lower environmental impacts. These future projects are guided by our commitment to innovation and ecological responsibility, ensuring that we remain leaders not only in surface technology but also in sustainable industrial practices.

Conclusion: A Future Built on Innovation and Sustainability

As we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in surface technology, we invite our partners, customers, and the industry at large to join us in this transformative journey. Together, we are setting new standards for innovation, sustainability, and customer-centric services, poised to inspire change and drive progress for years to come.

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