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in Vol. 25 - May Issue - Year 2024
MFN New Trainer - Nick Ellicott
Nick Ellicott

Nick Ellicott

Nick lives and works in the UK. At present, he works for the New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering in Hereford (NMITE), which is a new university with a campus of four buildings, specialising in training new engineers in a practical manner. Nick joined British Aerospace at the age of 16 and became an apprentice. He completed a formal five-year apprenticeship and then worked in various departments including various project teams, component investigation, and calibration. 

In Sept 98, he moved on to the oil industry after ten years at Bae. He worked at the Schlumberger Stonehouse centre for excellence where he headed a project to improve the downhole life of torquer modules on their rotary steerable tool, in terms of MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure). The primary failure mode being the wearing out of the steel outer skin of the part, through extremes of pressure (18,000PSI), heat (circa 150 Deg C) and abrasive rock formations. This is where he developed his interest in specialized metal treatments and processes. 

From 2007, he worked for the telecoms industry in a management role, with responsibility for manufacturing operations in 37 countries around the world. 

In 2013, Nick set up his own business in management consultancy, and has worked in a variety of businesses since then. 

He joined NMITE in 2019, alongside running his own business, and then joined Paul Huyton in 2023 at Peening International Ltd, where he regularly teaches shot and flap peening. 

Nick has been an auditor throughout his career, and was lead auditor at Schlumberger. He is a qualified trainer, and teaches other subjects including:

De-escalation and conflict management, health and safety, fast roads operation and procedures, facilities management, risk assessment, and engineering processes. 

Nick is also a fully qualified and serving police officer, specialising in roads policing, scene management, major incident management and training. 

Nick and his wife volunteer for a cat charity, and regularly look after sick animals at their home in Gloucester. 

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