in Vol. 2 - March Issue - Year 2001
Six Station Indexing Turntable Shot Peening Machine for General Electric

Pan Abrasives (Aust.) Pty. Ltd., a member of the Pan Abrasives Group, have been designing and manufacturing all types of abrasive blasting and peening equipment for over 45 years. The company's blasting equipment products, marketed under the PanBlast? label, range from blast pots and basic suction blast cabinets, up to large multi-wheel plate and section descalers, automated air suction or pressure blasting machines and turnkey blast room installations.
The Australian manufacturer recently supplied their fourth Model ES200 shot peening machine to General Electric Aviation in Singapore. The machine features a six station indexing turntable, with a planetary table fitted to each station, along with ten suction type blast guns. In this particular application, the shot peening machine is being used to shot peen turbine vane dovetails, however the equipment is a very versatile design which lends itself to many varying applications.
A mechanical abrasive reclamation is featured, including an airwash separator and vibratory abrasive classifier, and the main table is indexed by way of an electro/pneumatic clutch. Simple double palm button controls on the front of the machine are used by the operator to activate the automatic cycle.
Pneumatically operated vertically sliding doors are featured to isolate the operator from both the noise and airborne media from the peening action, which is generated by 10 suction type blast guns. The system has an overall noise emission level below 85dBa.
More information about the company can be found on their extensive multi-lingual website: www.pan-abrasives.com. To service and support its worldwide customers, online ordering will soon be featured on this web site.

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