VOL. 5 September ISSUE YEAR 2004


in Vol. 5 - September Issue - Year 2004
MFN strengthens its Trainer Team
Wolfgang Hennig

Wolfgang Hennig

Roger Fang

Roger Fang

MFN is presently extending its training program for shot peening globally. Besides a permanent training centre in Altena, on-site training is offered around the globe. MFN has trainers based in North America, Europe and Asia, and depending on what part a customer comes from, the trainers will be chosen.
The recruiting of trainers is a very important and sensitive process. They have to be able to work in a team, must have good rhetorical skills and need years of experience in the field of shot peening. MFN trainers are not just asked to present a training program, but must be able give new input to constantly improve the quality of the material. Therefore MFN is very pleased to be in a position of announcing that two very qualified new trainers, Wolfgang Hennig and Roger Fang have joined the team.
Wolfgang has almost 15 years of experience in shot peening and has developed and taught an in-house training at Rolls-Royce  Germany. He will exclusively instruct at the training- centre in Altena.
Roger Fang of Wyne Tech in Taiwan has had a relationship with the MFN core team for almost 8 years. He is a distributor of shot peening equipment, steel shot and accessories. He will do on-site training in Taiwan and China and will teach at the Asian Shot Peening Workshops. Furthermore he plays an active role in promoting the events within this region. To be able to instruct also in his native language, Roger is presently working on a Chinese translation of the "Fundamental Knowledge in Shot Peening" course.
MFN is convinced that the two new trainers will be a great contribution to the team. The organization has by now access to 15 trainers from 10 different countries. Please find below the biographies of the two new trainers.
For more information about the workshops or on-site trainings contact MFN at info@mfn.li or Tel. +41.1.831 2644.

Biography Official MFN Trainer Wolfgang Hennig

Wolfgang Hennig was born in Koblenz, Germany, in 1963. Initially, he studied as a mechanic. He later studied mechanical engineering, focussing on production engineering and nc-programming. Wolfgang has been working in the area of shot-peening for over 14 years, and he enjoys a wealth of planning experience. Following his further professional development in Heidelberg, Germany, he worked from 1990 until 1996 as a manufacturing engineer at “Liebherr Aerospace GmbH” in Lindenberg, Germany. Here, he was responsible for the process of shot-peening, mechanical brush deburring and vibro polishing. He planned the manufacturing sequences and programmed the machines for many different types of landing gear parts in the areas mentioned above.
In 1997 he began working for Rolls-Royce Germany. He conducted the integration of shot-peening technology into the existing frameworks in machining production of aero engine components such as compressor drums and turbine discs. During the course of this project, he established a successful system for shot-peening manufacturing, including aspects of nc-programming system, quality control, in-house training and managing the implementation of three NC-peening machines. Contact: wolfgang@mfn.li

Biography Official MFN Trainer Roger Fang

Roger Fang graduated from the Electrical Engineering, Oriental Institute of Technology. He is now in his second year of the EMBA program at National Kaohsiung First University of Science & Technology in Taiwan.
In 1993 Roger founded the company Wyne-Tech International, which by now has 8 employees. The company sells equipment of different makes within Taiwan and is in most cases also responsible for the installation, start-up, and final acceptance tests.
In 1997, Wyne-Tech was appointed to be the official agent of Baiker AG, a Swiss manufacturer of shot peening and blasting equipment. In the meantime, Wyne-Tech sold on behalf of Baiker AG two CNC shot peening machines to the Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC) and two PLC controlled shot peening machines to FAT (Far Eastern Transportation). Furthermore they retrofitted an existing steel shot peening machine at AIDC into a glass beads peening machine.
Roger Fang received extensive practical and theoretical shot peening training from Baiker AG in Switzerland and participated at the MFN shot peening workshops in Singapore from 2001-2003. He also passed the final examination of the advanced shot peening course. In June 2004 Roger was recruited by MFN to become an official trainer for the Asian workshops and to offer the „on-site“ course „Fundamental Knowledge in Shot Peening“ within Taiwan. Contact: roger@mfn.li