VOL. 5 September ISSUE YEAR 2004


in Vol. 5 - September Issue - Year 2004
Mass Finishing Job Shop Association (MFJSA)

Since its formation in 1980, the Mass Finishing Job Shop Association (MFJSA) has promoted and encouraged job shops for deburring, cleaning and surface finishing of metal and plastic parts by tumbling, vibratory, blasting and other mass finishing methods. MFJSA meets biannually to provide members the opportunity to exchange ideas and review new developments in the surface finishing industry.  It is our long-range goal to improve the image and operation of the mass finishing job shop of today, so we will be better prepared to serve our customers most effectively tomorrow.

At MFJSA’s March 2004 meeting, in Scottsdale, AZ, the members received a presentation on thermal de-burring from an equipment manufacturer. Member presentations were also made on casting impregnation and a new glass and plastic media blaster operation. These were followed by a roundtable discussion on the value of trade shows as experienced by members.  An update was presented on the association’s website (www.mfjsa.com) that hosts each member’s contact information with links to individual member websites.

MFJSA’s next meeting is scheduled for September 13, 2004 in Chicago concurrent with the IMTS. Interested individuals are invited to contact MFJSA’s Executive Director, Mr. Terry Larson at:
Tel.  +1.314.638-2662 or
E-mail: apexmetalfinishing@msn.com