in Vol. 2 - March Issue - Year 2001
Large Vibratory Finishing Job Shop with 15 years Experience
Typical Vibratory Finishing Machine

Typical Vibratory Finishing Machine

The vibratory mass finishing process offers a method of mechanizing operations and greatly improving the surface quality of a large range of components.
GT Industrial Pte Ltd started to invest in this field about 15 years ago and is by now  one of the most established vibratory finishing job shop in Singapore. The company was able to grow to a size of about 45 employees. The amount of work allows the workshop to run  3 shifts. It is able to offer solutions for most metal processing problems such as deburring, descaling, radiusing, surface grinding, smoothing, polishing and pre-plating finishing. In order to determine the best possible application, free process evaluation is provided to customers. The workshop includes circular vibrators, trough vibrators, centrifugal force machines, linear continuous vibrators and accessories machines like driers and effluent treatment plants. Besides servicing the aviation and automotive industry, there is a vast variety of parts receiving this metal finishing treatment such as disk drives, electronic components, home appliances, etc..
GT-Industrial Pte Ltd is not just providing the service, it also distributes vibratory finishing machines and has a large stock of media and compounds. For the Malaysian market the company has obtained a similar facility in Puchong. In order to take advantage of the fast growing aviation industry extensions are planned. In particular in direction treatments of jet engine components.

For Information in Singapore:
GT-Industrial PTE LTD
10 Loyang Street
Singapore 508844
Tel.: +65 6542 8993
Fax: +65 65429896
e-mail: gtind@cyberway.com.sg

For Information in Malaysia:
GTM Industrial Sdn. Bhd.
No. 35, Jalan 1/15, Taman Indusri Puchong, Batu 12 Jalan Puchong
47100 Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: 03-5715032, Fax: 03-5715034
e-mail: gtmisb@tm.net.my