VOL. 5 November ISSUE YEAR 2004


in Vol. 5 - November Issue - Year 2004
MFN Shot Peening Workshop in Dusseldorf, 10th-12th May 2005, to be simultaneously translated!
Ervin Tester for Media Durability Tests

Ervin Tester for Media Durability Tests

The native German speaking population in Europe, counting Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein, is approximately a 100 million people large. This is such a high number, that organizers of international workshops are well advised to take that into account.
The experience during the MFN Workshop & Trade Show in Coventry this May, showed that many native German speakers had not enough English knowledge to follow an English technical presentation and therefore did not  participate. Therefore MFN decided to let all official courses at the coming Shot Peening Workshop in Dusseldorf, which is held on the 10th-12th of May 2005, to be simultaneously translated. Also the documentation of all FAA accepted courses will be available in either German or English.
It is the first time that MFN is translating its workshop training. Providing this service, MFN expects an even larger audience. Some of the MFN trainers who have the ability to either teach in English or German, will, depending on what native language is represented the most, be prepared to speak in the requested language.
There will be a team of two simultaneous translators, who replace each other every 25 minutes of translation time. Doing so, a high quality of translation can be insured. Each participant will have access to a receiver, and will have the choice to either listen to the language of the original speaker or the translator. Questions and answers will also be subject to translation. However, only the official FAA accepted MFN courses will be simultaneously translated, but not the guest speaker presentations.

New Hands-on Training with Ervin Tester

For MFN it was always important to be able to demonstrate certain technologies or applications hands-on. The learning effect for the participants is just so much greater, if they have the possibility to carry out certain operations by themselves. So besides the "hands-on" sieve analysis and the flap peening, MFN will now also have an Ervin tester on site. Using this equipment, durability tests for peening media can be shown. However, more importantly, it will be possible to peen Almen strips and to develop and discuss an Almen curve in front of the class.  Tests with different media types and intensities will be shown.
Naturally,  for an international workshop it is a demanding logistical task to move equipment from event to event. Therefore MFN is very pleased to be able to provide this infrastructure to its participants.

For more information please see www.mfn.li,  link "Workshops" or call MFN at Tel. +41.1.831 2644.