in Vol. 5 - November Issue - Year 2004
MFN's On-Site Course "Fundamental Knowledge in Shot Peening" has been FAA accepted!
MFN Trainer Ray Fontana

MFN Trainer Ray Fontana

In June 2004, MFN introduced its on-site training course "Fundamental Knowledge in Shot Peening". It has been designed for companies who would prefer to have their training at their own facility instead of travelling to a training centre or workshop. Companies may decide on an on-site training for different reasons. Depending on the circumstances it may be more efficient to have one trainer to communicate with a smaller group of people. Also for some it may be crucial that no time is spent travelling. Others probably appreciate the fact that such an on-site training can be, besides the official part, customized. That means there will be chances to discuss just their particular problems. So this flexibility is certainly speaking for the on-site training. In the event that a trainer does not have the answer to a particular question, he has access to 16 trainers from 10 countries. The right answer may then come a few days later, however that should not be of concern.

FAA accepted On-Site Course

North America's MFN Trainer Ray Fontana was of essential help to get this course accepted by the FAA. The course is identified under the number #AGL/1004/0003/8 "MFN Fundamental Knowledge in Shot Peening". This approval is very important for MFN since it gives the course a recognized credibility. Ray will teach this course within North America. The same on-site course is also offered by other MFN trainers in Europe, Singapore, and region as well as in Taiwan. 

For more information or a detailed description of the course contact MFN at info@mfn.li or call Tel. +41.1.831 2644.