VOL. 5 November ISSUE YEAR 2004


in Vol. 5 - November Issue - Year 2004
Introducing the New #20 Elite Series Single Spiral Separator

The single separator is constructed of galvanized steel with a fill hopper.  The outlets for standard units exit the round and non-round material at the lower side of the spiral unit. The standard separating inter-flight size are 3” –4” –5” –6” and the spiral dimensions are 20”x 20”x 70” high. The shipping weight crated 150 lbs.

Optional features:
a) Stainless steel inter-lights: This increases the life of the unit. Stainless steel also increases the quality of separation and eliminates magnetism on certain types of material.
b) Other separating inter-flight sizes available.
c) Instead of a standard hopper, a 3” hopper is available that could attach directly to your equipment as shown in the photo.
d) Outlets for the separated non-round material exits at the bottom center of the spiral as shown in photo.

For best results it is recommended that you send samples of your unseparated media for testing in our lab.

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