VOL. 6 January ISSUE YEAR 2005


in Vol. 6 - January Issue - Year 2005
MFN has a new member from France for its competent Trainer Team!
MFN Official Trainer Fran

MFN Official Trainer Fran

MFN tries to use all its connections to put together the best possible shot peening training organization. It is clear for MFN, that one can only reach this demanding goal by trying to unite a team of specialists from different fields within the shot peening industry. Looking at the various kinds of peening media, MFN has so far only experts for cut wire and steel shot, but no one was entirely focusing on ceramic media. In the long term this condition was not acceptable for MFN. Therefore we were very pleased to have met François-Xavier Abadie during the MFN Shot Peening Workshop and Trade Show in Coventry, England in Spring 2004. After seeing his great talent as a guest  speaker, MFN tried to convince him to be part of the team. We are very glad he accepted!

Biography of Official MFN Trainer François-Xavier Abadie

Born in 1961, after studying Mathematics and Mechanics, François-Xavier had his first experience in R&D for design and automation of packaging equipments for large distribution networks. Then François-Xavier was in charge of the reorganization of the design office of an American OEM of sealing devices for aerospace, nuclear, defence and industrial applications. François-Xavier Abadie is now Surface Treatment Product Manager for SAINT-GOBAIN ZIRPRO, manufacturer of ceramic media for surface treatment based in Avignon, in south-east France, with 1, 200 employees. François-Xavier’s first commitment is technical support to the worldwide sales force. He is also initiating and coordinating several actions inside ZIRPRO Department for R&D, production, customer support, quality management, communications and budget.
He has been involved in surface treatment since 1988. At first as R&D engineer for a leader in shot blasting equipment, in charge of tests for customer’s applications and equipment design and testing. During this period, François-Xavier had the opportunity to test a lot of different media in any type of equipment and for many different applications. François-Xavier designed and tested some pieces of equipments such as regulated generator for direct pressure blasting and peening, including media flow regulation, specific media recovery and recycling systems, wheel turbine adaptation and characterisation, wet systems. In 1994, about to set up his own business for Shot peening services, François-Xavier met a former managing director of SAINT-GOBAIN ZIRPRO who appointed him as a Regional Sales Manager for France & Benelux. As a new member of MFN Trainers Team, François-Xavier would like to share his practical knowledge and thus become a strong supporter of the MFN initiative in the promotion and advancement of shot blasting and peening technologies.

Contact E-mail: f-xavier@mfn.li