in Vol. 6 - January Issue - Year 2005
New, Small, Pass Through Blaster

Viking Blast and Wash Systems announce the release of its newest blaster in its line of pass through airless blasters, the MR 2412. The small size and low cost of this system allow pass through blasting at roughly the cost of batch style systems. The MR 2412 Pass Through Blaster is a heavy duty machine that integrates with the paint system monorail for continuous blast and paint operations. This hands free system can do slow speeds to very high speeds by increasing or decreasing the blast wheel horsepower. Four standard VC1 blast wheels are used to achieve full 360 degree coverage.
The abrasive conveyance system and air wash separation systems recycle abrasive to an overhead hopper giving a continuous supply of clean abrasive. The vestibules and seal systems have been specially designed to reduce carry out and abrasive escape during the blasting process. Heavy duty internal replaceable cabinet liners protect the cabinet from direct abrasive wear achieving more uptime.

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