VOL. 6 March ISSUE YEAR 2005


in Vol. 6 - March Issue - Year 2005
MFN Shot Peening Workshop in Dusseldorf, Germany has to enlarge its Trade Show
Trade Show Area at the Hilton in Dusseldorf

Trade Show Area at the Hilton in Dusseldorf

It is always very difficult to make predictions in terms of the number of attendees for a future event. However, the feedback MFN has at this early stage for its 2nd. European Shot Peening Workshop and Trade Show, which will take place from the 10th-12th of May in Dusseldorf, is outstanding. At the closing date of this issue, which is the 5th of February, already 46 participants have been counted. That is the highest number of attendees MFN ever had more than 3 months ahead of an event. Besides participants from all over Europe, professionals from the USA, Canada, Middle East and even India have confirmed their registration. Based on  experience, one can justifiably  predict that this workshop and trade show will attract at least 100 people.
Originally it was planned to have a trade show with 19 booths. Since all of them have been reserved very quickly, MFN decided to enlarge its trade show to a total of 24 booths. Not all of the booths can be placed inside the main exhibition hall. However, the newly refurbished Hilton Dusseldorf has an exceptional generous reception area, which allows the installation of additional booths.
The location Dusseldorf was carefully chosen by taking into account a number of different aspects. The city is in the centre of Germany and even from a number of places outside of Germany it is still reachable by car or train. With its international Airport Dusseldorf is well connected to almost any major city in the world.
 The Dusseldorf Hilton is situated near the river Rhine; close to the cultural and business centre of the city, with the famous "Altstadt" and "Koenigsallee" shopping area. Only 5.5 kilometers away from Dusseldorf International Airport; 4 kilometers away from the main railway station and the fairground; and just 5 minutes from the local steamship line.
Besides the 3 FAA accepted MFN courses, which take place over 2 days, selected guest speakers have been invited from the industry. The official MFN courses will be simultaneously translated from English to German or German to English.
On the evening of the 11th of May, MFN and sponsors will organize an entertainment event for all workshop participants. Different options such as the renting of a Rhine river boat are under evaluation.

For more information either see www.mfn.li, link "Shot Peening Workshops", request an info package at info@mfn.li or call +41.1.831 2644.