VOL. 2 June ISSUE YEAR 2001

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in Vol. 2 - June Issue - Year 2001
DISA supplies finishing line and shot blast machine for F. Winter Eisengiesserei GmbH & Co. KG, Stadtallendorf/Germany
example of a finishing line

example of a finishing line

for V-blocks and in line engine blocks

for V-blocks and in line engine blocks

Eisengiesserei Fritz Winter in Stadtallendorf, Germany, has 3000 employees and produces 340'000 tonnes of castings a year for customers all over the world in the automotive, hydraulic and heating industries. The castings can be supplied ready for installation, if required.

The order recently placed with DISA Industrieanlagen GmbH in Karlsruhe includes a plant for castings finishing and comprises a 3 station grinding line with turntable and a shot-blast machine for V-blocks and in line engine blocks.

These new plants are designed for processing 320'000 castings a year.

The engine blocks are first ground on the front side by vertical movements of the two grinder spindles. Then lower and upper side are ground. Handling of work-pieces in the machining area is automatic. The plant is provided with a PLC allowing processing of up to 20 different types of blocks.

After grinding the blocks are blast cleaned in a manipulator-type blast cleaning system equipped with different stations for loading, blast cleaning, removing the abrasive and unloading. The manipulator system ensures clamping of different block types without adaptions. Each block type has a corresponding blast cleaning programme for casting-specific and reliable blast cleaning. The grinding and blast cleaning machines are integrated in one unit so that the post-processing takes place automatically once the blocks have been placed in the grinding machine.

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