in Vol. 6 - May Issue - Year 2005
Pangborn Corporation Appoints Randy Hudson As President And CEO

March 1, 2005 -  Pangborn Corporation, a leading global manufacturer of surface preparation equipment and service provider for the metals industry has appointed Randy Hudson as President and Chief Executive Officer. Hudson replaces Ron Stewart who will assume the role of Vice Chairman, and act as a liason for the Board of Directors.
Randy Hudson joined Pangborn Corporation five years ago and held the position of Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. He has been active across all segments of the business for the last several years. His experience prior to joining Pangborn includes CFO responsibilities in the consumer products, computer services, food and metal working industries. He has also owned a metal working and finishing company.
Hudson stated that Pangborn possesses an enviable record of increasing profitability every year since the manufacturing recession began in 2000. The lessons learned during that time and the actions taken have laid the groundwork for Pangborn to aggressively pursue global opportunities in existing markets and extend into new markets.
Pangborn Corporation, based in Hagerstown, celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2004 and has led the way in all aspects of the surface preparation industry. From the design of equipment, to the services and products required to install, maintain and operate blast machines, Pangborn is positioned to continuously serve its customer base as it enters its second 100 years of operation.

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