VOL. 6 May ISSUE YEAR 2005

MFN Trainer Column

in Vol. 6 - May Issue - Year 2005
Our Commitment To The Industry
Marco Klijsen, Official MFN Trainer and Sales Manager, Straaltechniek

Marco Klijsen, Official MFN Trainer and Sales Manager, Straaltechniek

The MFN Trainer Column This column is a regular feature and is written by one of our MFN trainers. Readers are invited to send comments or questions to info@mfn.li. For more information about the trainers, see www.mfn.li link workshops.

by Marco Klijsen, Official MFN Trainer and Sales Manager, Straaltechniek

At first I would like to take this opportunity in the MFN Trainer Column to thank the team behind the MFN magazine for allowing me to become a member of the MFN Trainer family.
We all have seen the MFN magazine evaluating to a high-level information platform with the commitment to inform everybody who is dedicated to the surface preparation industry about applications and products in this surface preparation industry, in particular processes concerning peening, blasting, vibratory finishing, polishing etc.
Becoming a member of the dedicated MFN Trainer Team gives me once more a platform to spread the advantages of shotpeening to those who do not know the real advantages of using this technology during research & development sessions and the advantages in many industrial applications.
As mentioned by my colleague and family-member of the MFN Trainer team Francois-Xavier Abadie, who wrote the MFN Trainer Column for the issue last March, the history of the technology of shotpeening goes back to the middle ages, having in mind the old blacksmith hammering his sword to extend the life-time under extreme conditions, enabling him to beat his opponents. So it is very strange to see and hear frequently, that designers and engineers of high-complex components do not know anything about shotpeening and its advantages.
It is for those designers and engineers that the members of the MFN Trainer Team made a commitment to share and transfer the shotpeening knowledge. And of course the commitment is not only restricted to this group of people, however this group is essential to get the technology well accepted in the industry.
Together with the dedicated MFN Team large investments have been made in:

-a well designed Training centre
-FAA accepted peening workshop
-Backup from Scientific Advisers

All investments have been made with only one target:
Sharing and transferring shotpeening knowledge and the advantages of the process.
To ensure the participants of the MFN Workshop 2005 a high-level of education, the MFN team decided not to make any restrictions in inviting speakers for this workshop. Speakers who are well-known and well educated, most of them through long-standing practice experience in this specific field of surface treatment.
Furthermore I see it as our task to make the workshop, as well as spare time for the participants as functional as possible and we focus on verbal technical discussions during the workshops and spare time to increase sharing of knowledge between participants and MFN Trainers.
That is why we have decided to sponsor the social event on May 11, where all participants are invited to join a Rhine River Boat for free and where a dinner will be served. It is the idea  to stimulate verbal discussions in an informal atmosphere and to make sure that participants get all related information and education of the shotpeening process.
Seeing the number of participants and exhibitors who have already confirmed their presence, we can already say that the  2nd European Shotpeening & Trade Show will be a great success. I hope that the participants all will have the same feeling when they leave Düsseldorf after the Workshop.

So I personally look forward to the 2nd European Shot Peening Workshop & Trade Show, which will take place in Düsseldorf – Germany from May 10 to May 12 and hope to see you all in good health.

Best regards
Marco Klijsen

Author: Marco Klijsen