VOL. 2 June ISSUE YEAR 2001


in Vol. 2 - June Issue - Year 2001
9 Axis CNC Shot Peening System for Aircraft Components

Engineered Abrasives has over 65 years of experience designing and manufacturing the finest Automated Blast Finishing and Shot Peening Equipment. The American company has had numerous requests to design and fabricate standard or custom automated abrasives and shot peening systems to keep up with the latest technology.  A complete turnkey system design is also available.

The company has delivered two 9-Axis CNC Peening Systems for peening aircraft components.
Each machine features two hinged doors with a loading station mounted on each door. One part is being shot peened while the operator is unloading and loading a part from the opened door. There are 2 pressure blast guns to peen parts. One gun is gantry mounted on the top of the machine and comes down thru the roof to peen the part that is mounted on a CNC controlled part fixture.  This gun has 3-axis: up-down, left-right and 360 rotatation. The second gun is mounted to the back of the blast cabinet. This gun has 5-axis, in-   out, up-down, left-right, rotated and tilt.
This piece of equipment can be programmed to shot peen many different types and sizes of parts. It has a teach pendant for easy program changes, and for creating new programs. Some of the other machine features are Mechanical Abrasive Reclaim, Magnavalves, Sweco separator and Dual Chamber Pressure Vessel for continuous blasting.

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