VOL. 6 September ISSUE YEAR 2005


in Vol. 6 - September Issue - Year 2005
Improved Spinner Hanger, The SH 2560

This machine provides versatility in blasting a wide range of part sizes and shapes on a continuous basis. The SH 2560 features more horsepower than comparable equipment with two, 15 HP VC-1, 3525 RPM, direct drive blast wheels. This machine removes scale, corrosion, rust and paint by indexing three, 25-inch by 60-inch work envelopes, exposing the parts to the 2 blast wheels.
An adjustable control cage in the wheel allows for control of the abrasive pattern, achieving the highest percentage of shot impact on the work. This machine is rugged and durable with 25 % more weight than comparable equipment, constructed with a complete 1/2" urethane internal drum lining that protects the blast cabinet from abrasive wear, ensuring long life and low maintenance.
Safety light curtains protect operators from the rotating drum. Additionally, the wheel housing is wear lined with ½" thick replaceable, cast chrome wear plates. The SH 2560 also utilizes a heavy-duty abrasive recycling system with an air wash separator that cleans the abrasive prior to blasting.

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