in Vol. 6 - September Issue - Year 2005
Roto Flap Peening Training For Aerospace Accepted By The FAA
MFN Trainer Ray Fontana

MFN Trainer Ray Fontana

Flap Peening Kit

Flap Peening Kit

Instead of only teaching the skills of Roto Flap Peening as one of many classes during the workshop, MFN is also offering an individual course.
MFN's trainer Ray Fontana, who teaches this course within North America, will train and certify students in Roto Flap Peening in accordance with FAA Certification (FAA Reg. No.: #AGL/0405/0001/8).
Students will gain a thorough knowledge of equipment, techniques, guidelines and process for producing quality peening. Using exclusively 3M equipment and in joint cooperation with the FAA this course is designed to ensure quality and productivity. This course is for everyone involved in aviation repair including technicians, QA, and supervisors. Roto Flap Peening is instructed on site with four hours classroom and four hours workshop with each student participating in every phase of the operation.

After Roto Peening training Students will gain the following:

-Background of Roto Flap Peening
-Reasons for Roto Flap Peening
-Understanding the equipment and materials used for peening
-Equipment operation, measurements and techniques
-Benefits of metal peening for stress and corrosion on wing skins, stringers, rotor hubs
-Knowledge of intensity determination of peening
-Performance factors, saturation verification plots and peening coverage
-Procedures used for peening flat surfaces and holes
-Specifications of Boeing Aircraft, Airbus, and McDonnell Douglas

It is also possible to put together a training course according to the customer’s requirements.

For Information:
E-mail: info@mfn.li
Tel. +41.44.831 2644