VOL. 6 November ISSUE YEAR 2005


in Vol. 6 - November Issue - Year 2005
MFN Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary!

The first MFN magazine was printed in autumn 2000. Twelve black & white pages tried to inform about the peening, blasting and vibratory process. This, more out of personal interest in these technologies than of any commercial reasons. 5 years and 28 issues later, a team of 23 professionals contribute their knowledge to the MFN organisation, which not only publishes a 68 page colour magazine, but also is host to international events around the globe. In appreciation of this 5th anniversary, MFN would like to give its readers an insight into its organisation.

It's all about Teamwork!
For MFN it was clear that a globally distributed publication, which is read in 64 countries, can only be successful if it is represented by an international team of experts who understand the local and the global concerns of their industry. Looking at the 23 MFN team members, a total of 12 different nations are represented. Professionals from Asia, Europe, USA, even from the Middle East contribute to MFN. That allows us to look at topics from different angles and point of views. Because readers from the USA may have slightly different interests and opinions compared to the European readership or the Asian subscribers. The content of the magazine should respect that fact and act accordingly. It is and was the target of MFN that in every issue editorials and columns are found, which are truly of international interest.
The backbone of every magazine are the editorials. A good mixture of information must be presented in an appealing fashion. However, not just from the industries, but also from universities, research centres and independent authorities, constant feedback is required. Over time, MFN integrated a number of different regular editorials. It continuously  interviews various key players in the industry and the "Science Updates" informs on every issue about recent developments and studies. Besides the "MFN Trainer Column", which was introduced 2 years ago, most recently MFN decided to implement two new columns. "Off the beaten Track", by Giovanni Gregorat which has its first appearance in this issue and "Global Abrasives Market Outlook", by Erwan Henry, which will start in January 2006. The qualified input from so many different people is the key to success of MFN. Rather than focusing on one "Leader", which represents MFN, the magazines tries to create a team spirit which generates its own momentum.

To Provide Quality!
In the beginning, MFN had to pay its premium of apprenticeship. Probably that is similar to who ever starts a new business. There was just so much to learn. However, nowadays MFN gives its best to publish first class editorials. Information is double-checked where it is possible and the information is supposed to be new. Reprints are only considered if the content is of great interest to the public. It is not unusual that MFN spends hours on improving the quality of a single picture. Just to make it more appealing for its readership. And frequently it happens that the pictures for a complete interview session have to be redone, just because the lighting was not appropriate. However, such efforts pay off. The readers recognise the differences.
Furthermore, for most MFN authors English is not their native language. Thanks to a careful proof reading by Paul Riley from England, the written material can also be accepted by native English speakers.

Celebrating 5 years of MFN, the publisher would like to thank its great team for turning MFN into probably one of the most recognised publications in the field of peening, blasting and vibratory finishing! Without such a motivated team, this would not have been possible!