VOL. 6 November ISSUE YEAR 2005


in Vol. 6 - November Issue - Year 2005
Anodize And Paint TNM To Receive MFN Shot Peening Training
From left to right: Deven Downey, Latchezar Anguelov, Tanweer Naqvi

From left to right: Deven Downey, Latchezar Anguelov, Tanweer Naqvi

Anodize and Paint TNM, received MFN training en route to implementing the shot peening technology in its new facility in Pointe-Claire, Montreal, Canada. Two TNM employees took the FAA accepted "Fundamental Knowledge in Shot Peening Course", which was instructed by MFN's Official Trainer Guy Levasseur.
Trained by MFN, TNM’s employees were able to demonstrate to Bombardier’s Supplier Quality Management representative Marc A. Belanger, their ability to perform all required know-how and process knowledge required by specification  in order to qualify TNM to Bombardier.
The MFN training was scrutinized by Mr. Belanger and was found to be compliant to Bombardiers requirement for training of shot peening personnel. This was the first time the MFN training was applied directly into a facility approval for personnel certification. Looking at the manufacturing process as well as the training, TNM received the approval from Bombardier.

"The support of Mr. Belanger was a key factor in finalizing our compliance process with Bombardier", says Deven Downey.

TNM performs NDT, chromic, sulphuric, hard and color anodizing as well as paint. The company wanted to complete its surface processing capability by the addition of the shot peening technology to provide a one stop shop for its customer.

"We were looking for ways to facilitate the processing experience of our customer. By adding shot peening to our already impressive list of process we will cut down the lead time required to perform the whole scope of surface finishing process", says Tanweer Naqvi.

For information about the training contact Guy Levasseur at: guy@mfn.li or call MFN at Tel. +41.44.831 2644
(Guy Levasseur is Official MFN Trainer and President of Aerosphere Inc.)

For information about Anodize and Paint TNM call Tel. +.1.514.429.7777